The Secrets of Search


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An exploration into the wonderful world of Google search. Think you know all there is to know about Google? This presentation may surprise you! Learn to go beyond the keyword search.

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The Secrets of Search

  1. 1. James Gubbins District Technology Coordinator Maine Township High School District 207 Email: Twitter & Facebook: JMGubbins Blog: Everywhere Else: JGubbins207
  2. 2. Presentation Review
  3. 3. 9 “To Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”
  4. 4. “The Internet provides the information Google makes it accessible”
  5. 5. site: “” cache: filetype: OR Google will search only the exact word or Using quotes will insurethe site you specifyphrase is included in the results Google will open a cached version of the site which can be viewed even if the site The minus sign will only show results that do not include the specified word is offline Google will only search for that include either word specified. etc) Google will display results that specific filetype (pdf, jpg, gif, link: .. pages with a specific range Google will display resultsthat link to the page specified. * related: Google will display sites similar to the the blank Google will provide results that fill in address specified. AROUND(x) define: in weather: allintext: daterange: startdateenddate allintitle: &tbs=qdr: allinurl: &LR=LANG_X Google results include when keywords are within x words of each other. Must Google will define the word specified capitalize Google will convert one unit of measurement to another Google will display the weather for the location specified Will search a specified date range. Requires Julian Time Conversion using a tool Google will only return results which contain allthis still works it’s better to usethe like - while the query terms you specify in the text of the page. “Date Range” under search tools Google will only return results which contain all the query terms you specify in the When added to a search URL - will provide result from within within hours (h6), title. minutes(n6) or seconds(s6) Google will only return results which contain all the query terms you specify in the When added to a search URL will show results in the language specified - See this URL table for abbreviations to replace X
  6. 6. Google Caches or stores copies of websites when they are indexed and these are what is actually used when a search is conducted. If you don’t locate the information you wanted on the page from the original search result try the Cached copy instead!
  7. 7. There’s an invisible shift in how information is flowing online wherein query results are being tailored by algorithmic gatekeepers for you!
  8. 8. ● Sign Off Before Searching ● Turn Off Personalization ● Frequently Clear History (in browser and through Google) and Cookies ● Turn off search history personalization ● Use Incognito Windows ● Intentionally visit links that oppose the viewpoint of your research ● Avoid clicking on Advertising ● Use extensions like AdBlock Pro and Ghostery ● Use Other Google Search Engines like,,, etc...
  9. 9. Blog Search indexes blogs by their site feeds, which will be checked frequently for new content.
  10. 10. Stumbling upon the next great invention in an 'ah-ha!' moment is a myth. ~James Dyson