From Egg to Flight


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The presentation I just gave at Illinois Techcon.

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From Egg to Flight

  1. 1. From Egg to FlightJames Gubbins E-mail:District Technology Coordinator Twitter & Facebook:Maine Township High School JMGubbinsDistrict 207 Blog: Just about everywhere else: JGubbins207
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  3. 3. The TwittersphereInfographic from
  4. 4. The Twittersphere
  5. 5. The Twittersphere
  6. 6. The Twittersphere
  7. 7. The Twittersphere
  8. 8. The Twittersphere
  9. 9. The Twittersphere
  10. 10. The Twittersphere
  11. 11. The Twittersphere
  12. 12. The Twittersphere
  13. 13. The TwittersphereThe people that matter become your PLN! A Personal or Professional Learning Network allows you to stay connected globally to individuals with like (or even dissimilar) interests and provide you with valuable information and content that is sustainable, available around the clock and free!
  14. 14. The TwittersphereWhat does PLN mean to you?
  15. 15. Sign Up
  16. 16. Sign Up
  17. 17. Sign Up
  18. 18. Sign Up
  19. 19. Sign Up
  20. 20. Sign Up
  21. 21. Sign Up
  22. 22. Sign Up
  23. 23. The Anatomy of a TweetThe Expand Link The Message:Buttons140 characters or lessReply Group was not exported from SlideRocketRetweet to the pointQuick andAs informative as possibleFavoriteDataThe Stamp / Details
  24. 24. Syntax and Abbreviations H8IMHO # GR8 BT AFAIK TY TTYL W M L8 T PR R TMI @ T D U2 F F D FT R W GTG M T
  25. 25. Syntax and Abbreviations @ D or DM H8IMHO MT # GR8 RT or # (hashtag) BT AFAIK TY TTYL W M L8 T PR T R TMI @ D U2 F F D FT R W GTG M T
  26. 26. Syntax and Abbreviations@D or DMRT or MT# (hashtag)
  27. 27. Syntax and Abbreviations@ If someone starts a tweet with @yourusername, that tweet will appear in your maintimeline, if you follow the person. But youll always find it in your Connect tab,whether you follow them or not (unless youve blocked them)@JMGubbins I agree completely or @JMGubbins Are you coming to dinner?To send a private message that you only wish that user to see proceed the usernamewith a D or DMD JMGubbins I agree completely or DM JMGubbins Are you coming to dinner?RT is used to Re-Tweet a message you like and share with your followers.RT @jenwagner: - How did I miss Google Moon!! Clappinghere!! Yep, Clapping!!! :)Using the Hashtag - The # symbol is a powerful tool to categorize or tag your tweet. Itmakes it easy to search a specific topic for collaboration and organization of tweets!@JMGubbins Are you coming to dinner? #dinnerat9
  28. 28. Connections Its all about the hashtag#FairContractNow
  29. 29. Its all about the hashtag Other Hashtags Continue the Conversation Table2 was not exported from SlideRocket
  30. 30. Engagement Clients
  31. 31. Engagement Clients
  32. 32. EngagementClients for Mobility
  33. 33. EngagementClients for Mobility
  34. 34. Engagement
  35. 35. Sustainability
  36. 36. Sustainability
  37. 37. Communication
  38. 38. Communication
  39. 39. Communication
  40. 40. Communication
  41. 41. Evaluation
  42. 42. Twitter Berg!
  43. 43. Application Lists and Guides to Explore Table2 was not exported from SlideRocket
  44. 44. Roundtable
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  46. 46. Group was not exported from SlideRocketCourtesy of @mscofino