Using songs for language learning


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Some thoughts on using songs and some practical ideas for the classroom.

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  • And motivating
  • Use to develop language and other skills- writing/speakingetc
  • Can use for pron – weak forms, stress etc.
  • Can use for pron – weak forms, stress etc.
  • IWB for youtube? You’re laughing - otherwise you need the CD…– easy to find lyrics on the internet now
  • Better for "sing-a-long"s
  • (i.e. not another gapfill)
  • Easier if more lines together – do as a group exercise
  • Useful vocab - collocations
  • Listening for ‘grammar words – predict first
  • Jigsaw listening
  • Eg streets of London - homelessness
  • Using songs for language learning

    1. 1. Using songs forlanguage learning Jo Gakonga
    2. 2. Contents Why use songs What to use Potential pitfalls?Making it easier Using songs for skills practiceUsing songs for Using songs forvocabulary grammar practicedevelopmentSongs for productive use Useful website
    3. 3. Why use songs?
    4. 4. They’re fun!
    5. 5. Canadd
    6. 6. Natural, authentic language
    7. 7. Some evidence to show thatthis can aid language learning
    8. 8. True or falsefor L1 songs? for L2 songs?I always hear all of the wordsI notice the chorusI notice the music/voices/ instrumentsI know if I like it or notI understand the mood of the songI know what it’s aboutI respond physically
    9. 9. What to use?
    10. 10. What you like? What they like?
    11. 11. Potential pitfalls
    12. 12. Can theyunderstand?Can youunderstand?!
    13. 13. Is the song culturally appropriate?
    14. 14. What is the aim of the task you plan to use? Are your practice activities varied ?
    15. 15. Making it easier
    16. 16. Setting it up well
    17. 17. Choosing your tasks
    18. 18. First listening tasks.What is the mood of the song?Is there one singer or more?Gender of the singer?Do you like it? What do you think of it?
    19. 19. Listen to the first and last wordsWhat are they? Who is the song for? What is it about?
    20. 20. Using songs for skills practice
    21. 21. Out on the _______ sailing away,I can hardly wait,To see you to ______ ___ ______,But I guess well both,Just ______ ___ ____ patience,Yes its a long way to go,But ___ _____ __________,Before you cross the street,______ my _______,Life is what happens to you,While you’re busy making other plans,
    22. 22. Out on ____ ocean sailing away,I ____ hardly wait,To see you __ come of age,But I guess we‘__ both,Just have __ have patience,Yes its __ long way __ go,But __ the meantime,Before ____ cross ___ street,Take my hand,Life ___ what happens __ you,While you___ busy making other plans,
    23. 23. Out on the ocean sailing away,__________________To see you to come of age______________________Just have to have patience,________________________But in the meantime,________________________Take my hand________________________While you’re busy making other plans,
    24. 24. __________________________,I can hardly wait,__________________________But I guess well both,__________________________Yes its a long way to go,__________________________Before you cross the street,____________________Life is what happens to you,______________________________
    25. 25. Speaking/Reading/WritingRetell the story Continue the storyWrite to one of the protagonistseg a letter of advice
    26. 26. Speaking/Reading/Writing Discuss issuesFind out about the artist/ song
    27. 27. Using songs for pronunciation
    28. 28. Connected speech“ I’m gonna I wanna I cudda You shudda ”
    29. 29. Connected speechTask – what does she want to do?
    30. 30. Using songs forvocabulary development
    31. 31. highbroke sane poor short lost
    32. 32. I’m broke but I’m happy I’m poor but I’m kind I’m short but I’m healthy I’m high but I’m grounded I’m sane but I’m overwhelmed I’m lost but I’m hopefulHow would you explain these antonyms – canyou think of interesting antonyms for….young tired free
    33. 33. Using songs for grammar practice
    34. 34. you 64 ? still Will me feed I’m when
    35. 35. Will you still feed me when I’m 64?
    36. 36. GrammarWhen you are…. 25 40 50 64….Rich? Live? Married? Children? Howmany? Famous? Happy? Healthy?Grandchildren?
    37. 37. Using songs for productive use
    38. 38. My bonnie lies over the oceanMy bonnie lies over the seaMy bonnie lies over the oceanSo, bring back my bonnie to me
    39. 39. Useful websites
    40. 40. Lyrics