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Keep calm and get (digitally) organised


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Slides on using OneNote to organise your CPD from my NATECLA conference talk 2015

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Keep calm and get (digitally) organised

  1. 1. Jo Gakonga
  2. 2. you make at this conference? What will you do with the
  3. 3. Will they sit and at home on a shelf? unloved
  4. 4. that you do more How can you make the useful?
  5. 5. What do you do to your professional development?
  6. 6. How do you
  7. 7. What’s the big deal?
  8. 8. All synched automatically- on your phone/ laptop/ desktop/ tablet
  9. 9. accessible Always
  10. 10. Don’t have to be online
  11. 11. No limits on uploads
  12. 12. Date stamped
  13. 13. Can never be lost or damaged
  14. 14. reorganised Can be added to really easily added to added to orendrsgaie
  15. 15. • Keeps all CPD in one place • Makes it searchable, shareable, synched automatically to all devices and ultimately more useful. • Information stored is safe, accessible, easier to maintain and find and perhaps more likely to be used. Summary
  16. 16. If you use: You need a Microsoft account. already have one Skype Onedrive Windows X-box Office 365 Windows phone
  17. 17.
  18. 18. What can I save? Open OneNote Take picture Choose where to send it
  19. 19. Why is this useful?
  20. 20. What can I save?
  21. 21. Why is this useful? Can save important parts of documents Easier to open/ compare
  22. 22. Web pages
  23. 23. Find something interesting to save.. (TESL_EJ Journal) (ESOL Nexus) (British Council (aplinglink) (Humanising Language Teaching)
  24. 24. What can I save? Important e-mails
  25. 25. What else can I do? Reflective Journal Can access anywhere on any device – more motivation to reflect? Can easily share with a critical friend if desired
  26. 26. What else can I do? Notes about learners Notes about lessons Critical incidents
  27. 27. What else can I do? To do list – with tags (home tab) Diary planner Contact names Conference talk notes Lesson plans ……..
  28. 28. ….and some frippery Insert > page templates > Use it as a calculator
  29. 29. Think of 5 ways that you could use it
  30. 30. Thank you! NATECLA 2015 Jo Gakonga