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Two web tools to help support learners with authentic online material


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My ES(O)L SIG Pre conference day talk IATEFL 2015 Manchester

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Two web tools to help support learners with authentic online material

  1. 1. Exploiting web-based sources for practice at home. Jo Gakonga
  2. 2. Study time
  3. 3. ESOL learners Work Family commitments Money/ work/ family/ visa worries Language study at home???!!! Digitalliteracy?
  4. 4. Flipped classroom Homework
  5. 5. Advantages of authentic material Real language Sense of achievement Promotes autonomy
  6. 6. Difficulty of level How can you support them?
  7. 7. Two tools that will help to support learners with online authentic content.
  8. 8. For video content
  9. 9. For text content
  10. 10.
  11. 11. What does it do? Takes authentic video Allows you to add tasks • Multiple choice • Check all that apply • Reflective pause Can link questions to web pages/ embed material
  12. 12. Here’s one that I made earlier… The present perfect
  13. 13. Why is this better than a worksheet? • It’s all on one link for learners • Questions inserted at certain points • You can know if they have done it and which questions they have got right. Much more control
  14. 14. Will this take me a lot of time? Yes… but… • Useful • Re-useable • Shareable
  15. 15. For text content
  16. 16. Takes text content • Underlines/ highlights • Adds notes/ questions/ definitions • Shareable
  17. 17. Here’s another one I made earlier… G80905H4KSO23A14O1O0PE42C0G0A2:12737 0526/index.html?utm_source=tb_share&utm_ medium=email&utm_campaign=trans&_sti=21 68269
  18. 18. come-in/
  19. 19. come-in/
  20. 20. GQ0901H40C827A14C3O19R42E0I4A6:127425 770/index.html
  21. 21. Any questions?
  22. 22. NATECLA Language Issues Want to write an article? Contact Jo Gakonga for details