CELTA -Lessons from the Classroom assignment


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An overview and some advice about the CELTA 'Lessons from the Classroom' assignment For a voiced over presentation, go to www.elt-training.com

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CELTA -Lessons from the Classroom assignment

  1. 1. CELTA – ‘Lessons from the Classroom’ assignment For a free voiced over presentation of this, go to www.elt-training.com
  2. 2. Read your centre’s rubric carefully
  3. 3. What does this task ask you to do?
  4. 4. In many ways the most straightforward assignment..
  5. 5. ..but (perhaps) the most important..
  6. 6. Asks you to reflect..
  7. 7. This will help you to continue to develop as a teacher
  8. 8. Experience Observation Reflection Planning
  9. 9. Your teaching practice Observation of experienced teachers Observation of peers
  10. 10. Areas of strength Areas to work on
  11. 11. Possible areas? (Not an exhaustive list -just some ideas!)
  12. 12. Classroom Management Language grading Setting up tasks Giving instructions
  13. 13. Classroom Management Planning for learner-centred opportunities Finding the right balance between TTT & STT
  14. 14. Eliciting form Presenting language (grammar or vocabulary) Language Clarifying meaning eg CCQs Working with pronunciation
  15. 15. Spoken or written? On the spot or delayed? Correction Language
  16. 16. Dealing with emergent language Dealing with learners’ questions Language
  17. 17. Developing receptive skills Skills Reading Listening
  18. 18. Developing productive skills Skills Writing Speaking
  19. 19. Also, consider how you will continue to develop Observe other teachers
  20. 20. Also, consider how you will continue to develop Read/ follow a blog or two
  21. 21. Also, consider how you will continue to develop #eltchat Log in to a webinar Join a teachers’ association eg IATEFL
  22. 22. Common reasons for resubmission
  23. 23. Inappropriate choice of areas to focus on
  24. 24. Description not evaluation
  25. 25. Not identifying how you will continue to develop.
  26. 26. G c !
  27. 27. Thank you! jo.gakonga@elt-training.com