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The top 5 affordable do it yourself home


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When you need to get projects done at home do you call for help? Here are the top 5 affordable do it yourself home projects.

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The top 5 affordable do it yourself home

  1. 1. The top 5 affordable do it yourself home projects J&G Industrial Supply
  2. 2. Keeping your home up to date • Your home might not be a large part of the world but you want it to be the best it can be • Most people look at home improvement projects as laborious and tedious • These projects don’t have to be tough and they can be affordable
  3. 3. Affording home projects • If your home needs some work try doing it yourself instead of calling a contractor • Many home projects can be the homeowner • Here area few home projects you can do without having to pay a specialist
  4. 4. Classy Lighting • By adding a new faux crystal chandelier to your dining room or foyer you can brighten up your home • When you add up your costs the chandelier and necessary tools will be under $100 • How’s that for savings?
  5. 5. New lighting • This new lighting doesn’t have to be pricey and won’t require an electrician • Chances are you already have the necessary tools to install this chandelier • Don’t be intimidated by this project, it can be simple
  6. 6. Converting a closet • Do you find your home has too many closets and not enough space for other possibilities • Depending on the size of the closet you can install shelves and turn that space into a working home office • Shelves are an easy thing to install by yourself and don’t require a large cost
  7. 7. Closet space • The obvious concern for this project is how large is the closet that you are looking at? • Some closets are full walk in spaces and some are long, thin closets • Be creative with your space and see if you can turn it into working opportunities
  8. 8. Above the door displays • In some homes wall space can be limited • This may prevent your creative edge from stretching out but shelves can help • By adding a shelving unit above a door you can add the number of places to show artistic items
  9. 9. Creativity with door space • If you have a foyer area that needs to be more welcoming why not try hanging a shelf above a door • You can place a welcome sign or another artistic item there to say hello • A ladder might be helpful but this doesn’t require a lot of money
  10. 10. Improve the plumbing • No one wants a leak at their house because of poor plumbing • The reaction might be to quickly call a plumber but you can fix the problem • Whatever the plumbing issue could be we have plumbing supplies to help you fix the problem yourself without shelling out a lot of cash
  11. 11. Prevent plumbing problems • If your water pressure is weak at your house there are ways you can fix the issue yourself • Don’t be intimidated by plumbing issues. You’d be surprised how you can correct the problem with the right tools
  12. 12. Bring light into the house • Adjustable lighting can be a great way to brighten up your house • If you are concerned about conserving energy adjustable lighting can be perfect • Installing a dimmer switch to any light can be easy and cheap
  13. 13. Dimmer switches • A dimmer switch can be installed in only a few minutes • This light can give the light and power you need to keep your room bright at any time
  14. 14. Home projects • With the right tools, industrial supplies, and confidence you can get these easy home projects done • For more information on industrial supplies wholesale and other great do it yourself home projects check out our website