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University Web Strategy in the Reputation Age


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This is the presentation of my #CASE8 talk on University Web Strategy in the Reputation Age given Feb 24, 2011 in Vancouver at the CASEipedia conference. #ReputationAge #YVR

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University Web Strategy in the Reputation Age

  1. 47. Credits: GRAPHICS Tim Garvie, University of Alberta, Marketing & Communications PHOTOS Matt Weber,, All Rights Reserved Closed Forever, 1987: Amsterdam Ave, 1988: Creative Commons, Attribution 2.0 Generic Learning the Hard Way, by laverrue: Apple Computer, 1983 (Lisa), photo courtesy of Alan Light: public library, by noii ’ s: Closed by Jason: Sign of the Times, by James Cridland: Mirror Image: Judy & Victoria, by ~Duncan~: My mother hates my computer, by openfly: Usenet servers and clients, by bdesham:, Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved Johnny Deeper, by neglekt: Alchemist Bubble, by jim: Archway, by neglekt: Control, by jim: Measured angles, by jim: Pie, by jim: Plugin, by neglekt: Shhh, by jim: Caution kids, by rusworks: Tools, by rusworks: Untitled, by anindya: Untitled, by anindya: Unititled, by anindya: Beautiful rainbow over Niagra Falls, by anindya: Walking down Fayette, by thomas: Masks, by Catherine: