How University of Alberta professors can leverage social media...


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Talk given on April 4, 2011 at Faculty of Extension, Enterprise Square, Edmonton

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How University of Alberta professors can leverage social media...

  1. 1. How UAlberta professors can leverage social media… April 2011 @JGChesney
  2. 2. IntroductionOverview of UAlberta social mediaLeveraging social media forprofessors
  3. 3. Where does social media fit? !   One of five key areas of UofAweb strategy: Websites/Email Mobile Social Media SEO/Online Advertising Digital Analytics !   Tie SM strategy to your Faculty/Area s business goals !   Determine which SM to use forwhich audience(s) - no size fits all photo: Flickr by Waponi under Creative Commons license 2.0 Generic
  4. 4. Guidelines !   No specific unique SocialMedia Policy for UAlberta !   Social Media Guidelines draftsubmitted Nov 2010 by TLATSubcommittee on Social Media !   Know and follow the UAlbertaPolicies !   UAlberta Ethics Statement: We understand that our communications must reflecthigh ethical standards, mutual respect and civility. Weare accountable for our practices and statementsinvolving communications media of any sort. Thisapplies to any use of University information andcommunication technologies. Excerpted from War of the Bureaucrats poster, 1930 photo: Flickr by IISG under Creative Commons license 2.0 Generic
  5. 5. UAlberta Social Media Portfolio (as of March 2011) Main Accounts (UAlberta) Strategies Facebook 4,980+ Likes Recruitment, QA for Prospectives Twitter 3,600+ Followers Engaging university Twitter community Contact with journalists, TV, Radio YouTube 237,100 Views Aggregator of student, faculty, marketing videos Enhance awareness of UofA community FourSquare 3,480+ Followers Over 10,000 check-ins by students, staff faculty Reduce “big campus” stress Colloquy Blog 35,270 page views/100+ comments Powered by Google Blogger Improve communication between senior administration and university faculty,staff, students Other presences: Memolane, Tumblr, Flickr
  6. 6. Leveraging social media for professors Start with your course strategy What are the learning outcomes? Passive participation: viewing, reading Active participation: writing, editing, recording, photographing, mapping, collaborating
  7. 7. Facebook Groups (Fall 2010) Closed or Open Document sharing Group chat
  8. 8. Twitter As subject matter expert: Link to open published work Debate policy or theory In the classroom: Encourage shy students via backchannel enablement Real-time awareness of confusion
  9. 9. FourSquare Tag places with tips for to-do lists Exploration in real space; photos reflections in virtual space
  10. 10. Skype In the classroom (March 2011) Partner with classes Encourage cultural awareness
  11. 11. Wiki+ Wikipedia – creating/collaborating/ editing articles Wikibooks – building a book together Wikiversity – creating a learning project with assignments
  12. 12. Final thoughts Start with your course strategy Choose the tools that make sense YouTube as your virtual TA Blog as your hub
  13. 13. Questions? Thank you! Twitter: @JGChesney Email: