Paths Cs Proposal


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Paths Cs Proposal

  3. 3. ProposalCover LetterDear Sir/MadamRe: Request for Partnership/SponsorshipWe are writing to entreat you for your partnership and/or sponsorship of our current multi-media dance and film project called “PATHS”.“PATHS” is a creative and collaborative contemporary dance exchange program involvingKenyan and Danish artists in the area of modern dance choreography, film and live music. It isan artistic collaboration between Dance Into Space Foundation (DISF,Kenya) and LittleWomachine, a Danish film and dance company. The project involves Kenyan dancers with andwithout disabilities, and the Danish film crew. The preparatory phase of project is sponsored inpart by Danish Culture Fund through the Sarakasi Arts Trust.Part of the proceeds from the gala night will be in aid of Imani Disbled Group, Shauri Moyo inaid of construction of a workshop.We would very much like to schedule a time to discuss this project and our partnership to seehow it may fit within your corporate responsibility portfolio.
  4. 4. Project Brief“PATHS” is a multi-media and mix-ability contemporary dance project. It is a talent exchange,and partnership of Kenyan and Danish artists in the area of modern dance choreography, filmand live music. The project is collaboration between Dance Into Space (DIS), a Kenyancontemporary dance company and LittleWomachine, a Danish film and dance company.The project entails the devising, creating and presenting choreographic and cinematographicimages and pieces of the Nordic and Kenyan landscapes. It explores the connections anddisconnections of footprints of animate and inanimate objects…In a sense, “PATHS” is a celebration as well as a connection. It is a meeting between twocultures and two countries through two performance genres, dance and film. It involvesdancers with and without physical and visual disabilities.“PATHS” is directed by reknowned choreographer and dancer Mr. Ondiege Matthew (KEN) andco-directed by award winning film director and dancer Ms. Vibeke Muasya (DEN).The world premiere and gala of “PATHS” will be held in Nairobi on September 7th, 2012 at theGoDown Art Centre. Subsequently, it will show for the public on Saturday 8 th, September 2012at the GoDown Arts Centre before touring Denmark and Europe between September andOctober.The SynopsisThe story of “Paths” is a story of our lives. And it is this; Humans move. Animals move andelectrodes inside a computer move too. We create roads, tracks, highways, superhighways… wemove ahead. We go, we return, we meet, we depart… We remember, we forget. But we alwaysleave a path…The CastAlice KameneAlacoque NtomeNicholas OumaMitchell Ongaro-MusicOndiege Matthew-Artistic DirectorVibeke Muasya Co-Director (Choreography and Cinematography)Amin Elchie-Technician (Visuals and Light)Richard Mwendwa-Technician (Sound)
  5. 5. The PartnersGoDown Arts CentreImani Disabled Group ShaurimoyoDANIDA(Danish Culture Fund)Sarakasi TrustThe Project TeamLawi Nyakeri – Project CoordinatorJames Gathitu-Marketing AssistantJulie Kioli –Admin & Communication AssistantTeam ProfilesOndiege Matthew-Artistic Director, Dancer & ChoreographerOndiege Matthew studied drama and theatre in Nairobi before taking professional courses in dance inBagamoyo Tanzania, Ecole de Sables Senegal and Tseh Summer School in Russia.He founded company Dance Into Space in 1997 and has been the artistic director, choreographer,dancer and trainer. In 2005 he started working with disabled dancers in a mix ability program for thefirst time in Kenya where he has trained more than 100 dancers with disabilities since then. Ondiegealso works as a teacher, an actor, a consultant and an expert in dance and theatre for communitydevelopment and education.As an actor, he has appeared in different roles in several movies the most recent being “In a BetterWorld” Susana Bier and “Lost in Africa” Vibeke Muasya.He has taught dance in several institutions privately and at the Kenya National Institute of PerformingArts. He is also the former and founding chairman of Kapu La Sanaa (KALASA), the welfare association ofartists drawn from different genres.Lawi Nyakeri-Project CoordinatorLawi Nyakeri is a theatre artist and educator with extensive skills and knowledge in theatre/drama incommunity education and empowerment. He has worked in various theatre interventions in diversefields including HIV/AIDS prevention, mitigation, care, support and treatment, human rights, governanceand environmental conservation. In addition, he has coordinated three editions of Kenya International
  6. 6. Puppetry Festivals (2002, 2004, and 2006) and conducted capacity building trainings in and outsideKenya. He has authored A Trainer’s to Guide PET-Participatory Education Theatre ,(CGD 2002)He holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Hons) degree from Egerton University, Njoro and is currently pursuing agraduate course in Theatre Administration.Alacoque Ntome-Choreographic Assistant, Dancer &TrainerAlacoque Ntome studied Creative Entrepreneurship at Kenya Polytechnic University College. He joinedDance Into Space in 2005 and since then has been involved in various dance projects at the company. In2010, he attended a professional African contemporary dance training program at Ecole des sable,Senegal. He is also a graduate of intermediate theatre training program organized by The TheatreCompany. He is currently involved in the Theatre and Dance Therapy program at Naro Moru DisabledChildren’s Home.James Gathitu-Marketing ExecutiveJames Gathitu has worked` in the performance field as an actor for the past twelve years; seven ofthose years he has doubled up as a script-writer. He received his performance training from primaryschool level. Since then, he has worked with numerous performance groups in Nairobi and Mombasa ,where he is now based. He is recently performing with The Theatre Company and was part of thecultural Olympiad in London’s Globe to Globe Festival 2012. His most recent script, Trees, has just donetouring East Africa, as part of a series of five ten minute plays dubbed Fire by Ten.Alice Kamene-Dancer/Training AssistantAlice Kamene has worked in traditional and contemporary dance genre for the past three years. Shemade her debut in contemporary dance in 2008 in the Dance Forum Nairobi (DFN) where she receivedher initial training. Since then she has worked with Compagnie Gaara, Kunja Dance Group and DanceInto Space. Her passion for dance has enabled to attend various dance workshops in and outside Kenya.Nicholas Ouma Odhiambo-Dancer/Training AssistantNicholas Ouma Odhiambo is a physically handicapped dancer, businessman and community mobilize.He has been involved in contemporary dance for the last two years. His most recent choreographicappearances at Dance Into Space have been in The Marathon and Uraibu, both presented at theAlliance Francais to a deservedly widespread acclaim. Besides dancing, Nicholas is a CommunityMobilizer with the Association of People with Disability in Kenya (APDK) where he has been for the lastfour years
  7. 7. ABOUT USDANCE INTO SPACEDance Into Space (DIS) is a registered Dance Into Space Foundation (DISF) is a Kenyancontemporary dance theatre company registered as a not-for-profit making organization andincorporated under the Companies Act (Cap. 486) of the Laws of Kenya. The company is basedat the GoDown Arts Centre, Nairobi.It is a dance and theatre company that exists to foster the appreciation, practice and trainingof dance and theatre through the sharing of knowledge and experience in entertaining,educational and outreach development programs with artists with and those withoutdisability.Mission: To engage in high quality dance/theatre training and creations at the grassroots, national andinternational levels.Vision: A society where dance is popular and is being utilized by all persons in all spheres of life.Programs and ProjectsThe Dance Meets Roots (DMR) Project: Is an intercultural and decentralization contemporarydance program whose goal is to create new dance groups and spaces across the country in theprovinces. It is a network of 15 rural based contemporary dance groupsThe Mix Ability Project (MAP): MAP works with dancers with and those without disabilities incontemporary dance training, choreographic creations and outreach programs.Skill Training and Capacity Development Program: This is a cross cutting component in all ofDIS work for new and existing nascent partner groups and for dancers at the company.Dance Into Space works to create awareness, empower behaviour and attitude change andpromote advocacy in various fields of community development including disability, HIV/Aids,youth empowerment, gender based violence, human rights, nutrition, security and familyhealth and planning.The company works in these areas in collaboration with private organisations, governmentagencies and NGO’s.
  8. 8. VALUE FOR SPONSORSHIPAs a partner/sponsor, you may support an activity or aspect of the project and in turn, we willaccord your logo/brand publicity and prominence in the project publicity materials whichinclude postures, brochures, tickets and programs, as and may be mutually agreed andappropriate.CONTACTS:James Gathitu July 2nd 2012Marketing ExecutiveDANCE INTO SPACEMobile: (+254) 723164202Email: jacquesfaya@gmail.comWeb site: www.danceintospace.orgTwitter: @JFlamesz