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HigherEdScope: A New Frontier in Digital Development


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#HigherEdScope is a co-hosted Periscope serial about online education that stretches the boundaries of the platform while also introducing online educators and administrators to pedagogy, tools, and strategies. The co-hosts explore, experiment and share failures and successes. Session participants should come, ready to participate, with mobile device in hand!

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HigherEdScope: A New Frontier in Digital Development

  1. 1. #HigherEdScope A New Frontier in Digital Development Melissa A. Venable Jon M. Ernstberger @melissa_venable @jernstberger *
  2. 2. Periscope Relatively new; March 2015 release. Live streaming video over wireless networking using mobile devices. Approximately 10 million users. Approximately 75% are 16-34.
  3. 3. What are people broadcasting?
  4. 4. #HigherEdScope - EdTech, Higher Ed Development
  5. 5. Inspirational Podcasts #3wedu Topcast Teaching in Higher Ed
  6. 6. Why Live Video? Why Periscope? • Live video and audio. • Completely mobile. • Social with “hearts” and shares. • Live synchronous w. interaction. • On Periscope for up to 24 hours. • Downloadable (re-publishable). • Doodling, GoPro, Drone support • Twitter network and search capabilities • “Bleeding-edge!”
  7. 7. #HigherEdScope - Project Goals ● Share how we stretch the boundaries of technology, online learning, and social media in our different higher education contexts ● Discuss current topics in edtech and higher ed (we were already doing this on a pretty regular basis, and hope you’ll join in.) ● Increase our own teaching and learning knowledge bases ● Try something completely new with edtech for the sake of seeing how it will work out, i.e., “Watch us try this!” “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity, but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.” *
  8. 8. #HES Planning Name Something descriptive and easy to remember Something not already in use Tie in Periscope somehow Dreaming (a.k.a. “Going for it”) Logo Commit to five, one-per-month episodes Website/Domain/Hosting *
  9. 9. #HES Web Presence Twitter - @HigherEdScope Home page - Google+ Archive - YouTube Live broadcast - Periscope #HigherEdScope *
  10. 10. Before Each Episode Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! Adjust the setup During Each Episode Prepare, then ... react: Lost Facetime connection (Ep. 2) Hurricane Matthew (Ep. 4) #HES Production - Practice Before the First Episode Agree on roles. Decide upon logistics. Investigate and purchase setup. Adjust the setup. Iterative purchasing Spend some time doing web presence. *
  11. 11. *
  12. 12. #HES Production Hardware & Software Melissa’s side: MacBook Air running Facetime Television Apple TV iPhone running Periscope app Tripod and tripod adaptor for phone Lamps (lots of lighting!) *
  13. 13. #HES Production Hardware & Software Jon’s side: MacBook Pro Facetime w. primary webcam Google Doc on 2nd monitor Microphone/headphones iPad Pro (9.7in) Running Periscope
  14. 14. #HES Production Audio (yes, audio) Hits and Misses Network/FaceTime issues Multiple volumes/microphones/speakers Space (feedback, reverb, etc.) Considering transcript options Addresses audio problems
  15. 15. Other Gear and Stuff to Think About Emoji (Periscope - “What are you seeing now?” Broadcast title) Chairs, floors, pets, ambient noise … Microphones Adapters Electricity Internet Availability/Strength #HES Production
  16. 16. Scripting - - - Google Doc - Episode Notes - #HES Production # SCENE DESCRIPTION 1 Open Scene Logo 2 Cold Open Introductions, topic 3 Updates New projects, conference travel and presentations, etc. 4 The Stretch What we’re doing to stretch the tech, locations, equipment, etc. 5 Main Topic Planned discussion (outline), Transitions between co-hosts 6 Call to Action Next episode, sign off
  17. 17. #HigherEdScope … the Pilot Episode 1: An introduction to the series - July 19, 2016 Stretch - two live feeds on one screen with no delay Episode 2: 5 things we hate about higher ed - August 16, 2016 Stretch - putting ourselves out there with this topic Episode 3: Is it time to de-clutter your online course? - September 20, 2016 Stretch - crowdsourcing topic with a Twitter chat (#IOLchat) *
  18. 18. #HigherEdScope … the Pilot Episode 4: - Career Change in #HigherEd Stretch - Switch POV; Melissa is interviewed Episode 5: - November 16 Stretch - Live, onsite broadcast from #OLCAccelerate! *
  19. 19. #HES Lessons Learned … so far Not every broadcast is a “win.” You don’t have to figure it all out by yourself - look for answers in Periscope communities. Feedback from third-parties is helpful! Don’t assume because it worked last time it will work this time. *
  20. 20. Create a Periscope Network Tweet your @Periscope handle with hashtag #HES or #HigherEdScope @HigherEdScope *
  21. 21. Future #HigherEd Uses of Periscope? As an educational tool for online students? Introduction videos Expert Speakers, Interviews, and Demonstrations “Classrooms can connect with field experts or observe scientific lab experiments.” - Edutopia, 2015 As an educational tool for adults? Faculty/staff development tool
  22. 22. Student Engagement Athletic and Concert Events Campus Tours 56% of college-bound high school juniors are interested in “virtual campus tours.” - Ruffalo Noel Levitz, 2015
  23. 23. Jon Ernstberger - May 19, 2016 - Teaching and Learning Conference As a mid-conference Periscope episode, I talk about the planning and execution of LaGrange College's (@lagrangecollege) 4th annual Teaching and Learning Conference.
  24. 24. Melissa Venable - Virtual Field Trips Quick broadcasts from historical events, locations, and landmarks throughout the summer of 2016. *
  25. 25. Future Work Audience Participation: On the Periscope Broadcast or Twitter (@HigherEdScope) submit topics for future broadcasts. Periscope Producer (step up quality) Interviews around #OLCAccelerate Publication Showing quality video - use one camera for broadcast and another that is *
  26. 26. Future of #HES? We have met our original goals for #HES. What comes next? Continue format into “season 2” with more promotion? Modify approach, platform, etc. with #HES brand? Cease and desist. Move toward new projects? *
  27. 27. References/Resources DMR, Periscope Statistics July 2016 Edutopia, 2015, Periscope: Connecting Classrooms to the World fran-siracusa-jennifer-williams Global Web Index, 2016, 3-in-4 Periscope users are 16-34 Lean-Labs, 2015, 8 Tips for Periscope Broadcasters https://www.lean-
  28. 28. References/Resources, cont. Peri10K, 8 Periscopope Communities communities/ Periscope Unofficial G+ Community Ruffalo Noel Levitz, 2015, E-Expectations Report
  29. 29. Contact us! Jon M. Ernstberger, PhD YouTube/Google+: +jernstberger Twitter: @jernstberger Web: Email: Melissa A. Venable, PhD Twitter: @Melissa_Venable Web: Email: /