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The aztecs


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May help you with History And Maybe with English

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The aztecs

  1. 1. The Aztecs
  2. 2. There Gods• The Sun God• The Chocolate God• The Wind God• The Rain God
  3. 3. Why did they sacrifice People ?Aztecs sacrificed for their gods. They believed that the "good" goods needed to be strengthened through human sacrifices to keep away the "bad" gods.
  4. 4. Where Did They Live ?The Aztecs established in the Valley of Mexico, near Lake Texico. They built their first temples in Tenochtitlan which was in the middle of lake Texico which is now modern day Mexico City. They were a warrior based culture, and continued to conquer and expand. At one point their empire spread throughout most of of Mexico. It is believed that they may have even gone as far north as what is now known as the southwestern United States.
  5. 5. Hope I HelpedPlease contact : if you need any help with other things to do with History, Drama and other lessons.