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Plaquette Gba Associes Uk

  1. 1. Our expertise to serve your business Auditing Consulting consulting auditing accounting Accounting
  2. 2. philosophy OUR PHILOSOPHY OUR CLIENTS CEO, CFO, heads of office, accounting or tax managers, bosses of French or foreign SME, profit from our know-how, skills and our engagement at their side. OUR mISSION To provide accounting and tax, auditing and consulting services that go beyond the scope of traditional services offered by most practitioners... Our commitment towards excellence allows us to offer a complete array of accounting, tax, audit and consulting services - delivered with a personal and professional touch. We value our role as trusted partners who know our business and respect yours. ABOUT US GBA is a company registered by the French institute of CPA and the French institute of legal auditors. The management of GBA has already been practicing this range of services since 1998.
  3. 3. consulting We will reach profitable and unexpected results for you with two objectives : • To “kill” your costs or realize significant profits • To identify and concrete new axes of improvements or development auditing Statutory audit, transaction services and risk management: Our customers benefit of the experience of our professionals strengthened by our tailor-made approach, highly efficient methodological and IT tools. accounting Accounting, tax, legal obligations: Our main aim is to make your accounting and business obligations easier in France. We will be in charge for you to satisfy your legal, social (payroll and forms) and tax obligations.
  4. 4. accounting and obligations Our main aim is to make your accounting and business obligations easier in France. Our professionals can deal with all or part of your company’s accounting process: bookkeeping, supervision of the accounts or simple compilation of your financial statements. ACCOUNTINg • Outsourcing of the whole accounting process • Bookkeeping services • Financial statement preparation • Compilation of reporting in French financial statements • Reporting IAS-IFRS or US Gaap • Consolidation • Cash Flow tracking • Business Plans & Projections Planning (Budget and Forecast) • Replacement of accounting and tax manager TAx • All tax Filings: VAT etc. • Tax optimization (For instance : Research Tax Credit) • Tax consolidation LEgAL OBLIgATIONS • Set up a business in France and registered the head office • Selection and preparation of proceedings • Outsourcing payroll and HR administrative management • All filings to comply with the French laws
  5. 5. consulting We will reach profitable and unexpected results for you. TO “KILL” YOUR COSTS OR REALIZE SIgNIFICANT PROFITS In order to encourage and stimulate business environment in France, the Government has introduced significant tax and social incentives. Even though the incentives have been in place for several years now, few companies only take actually advantages of them due to a lack of time, skills etc. GBA provides you the services of their professional to make the incentives real in our customers’ companies in order to get one of the two following objectives: to “kill” your costs or realize significant profits. • All tax credit • Exemption or decrease total or partial of social security contribution • Obtaining of European, National or local subsidies • Etc. TO IDENTIFY AND CONCRETE NEW AxES OF ImPROVEmENT OR DEVELOPmENT Changes management or project management necessitates ad hoc human resources to fulfill a punctual need. GBA creates a solution to facilitate and concretes your new project. • Identification of target of M&A operations • Strategic analysis • Implementation of reporting in IFRS, US Gaap or French standards • Benchmarking survey • Business Plan • Investment project – ROI studies • Etc.
  6. 6. auditing Our approach of audit is mainly based on the skills of our teams strengthened by highly efficient methodological and IT tools at their disposal. GBA respects the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board but avoiding rigid methods and pre-established programs. The strength of our team comes from the mix of skills and profile who work with you: CPA, lawyers and specialists of your core business who were trained in business schools and universities. STATUTORY AUDIT For organizations that require an audit for statutory or regulatory reasons connected with the filing of their annual and periodic financial information, GBA provides an assurance service to shareholders and management on the truth and fairness of the information and specifically addresses any other regulatory reporting requirements. TRANSACTION SERVICES The experience of our professionals enables GBA to assist you in the various steps of your external growth: expert opinion, due diligence, acquisition audit, apply seller’s guarantee. RISK mANAgEmENT Our clients appreciate our customized approach implemented in our various assignments: review and/or implementation of procedures, examination of internal control, search for fraud…
  7. 7. NICOLAS gALAUD NICOLAS BOUFFARD ALExANDRE ARNON 64, rue Miromesnil Tél : +33 (0) 1 45 61 18 88 75008 Paris Fax : +33 (0) 1 45 61 18 99