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Edupub lt ouj


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EDUPUB Tokyo 2014

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Edupub lt ouj

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Tsuneo Yamada The Open University of Japan (OUJ) Academic eXchange for Information Environment and Strategy (AXIES) Japan Massive Open Online Course Consortium (JMOOC) EDUPUB 2014 Tokyo 16-18 September 2014 Tokyo: Microsoft Japan
  3. 3.
  4. 4. (Japan Massive Open Online Course Consortium) was launched in November 2013
  5. 5. Multiple Platforms NTT Docomo Platform “Gacco” (33 courses) edX-based Video Lecture From April 2014 OUJ-TIES Platform (2 courses) Multimedia e-textbook (iBOOK/epub 3.0)+LMS Video Lecture/CAI/SNS From April 2014 Net-Learning Platform “OpeN Learning” (3 courses) Domestic Integrated Learning Support Platform From October 2014
  6. 6. + Big DATA Collection Learning Metrics and Analytics
  7. 7. Personalization Localization Contextualization Interoperability User-specific Context-specific Purpose/Goal Dependent Cloud Computing + Big Data Analysis Device1 Device2 Content1 Learner 1 Device2 Content1 Learner 2 Device1 Device2 Content2 Content1 Learner 3
  8. 8. Adaptive/multimedia e-textbook iBook/ePub3.0 (Powered by TIES / Chilo Book) Backend LMS Moodle SNS Facebook/YouTube/Mozilla Open Badge/Twitter Big Data/Learning Analytics Need more time (based on IMS Caliper)
  9. 9. Course Lecturer Features Computer System: A premier (Japanese) OUJ President Yoichi Okabe Regular Course(15 lessons, full asynchronous) Based on OUJ TV program course にほんご にゅうもん NIHONGO STARTER A1 (English) OUJ+JF Project Team (PI: Tsuneo Yamada, OUJ) Short Course (10 lessons, 2 lessons/week, 5 weeks) CEFR oriented, competency-based {Mulitimedia e-textbook+LMS)}+SNS Released in April 2014
  10. 10. 12 Multi-devices/ Multi- platform (LMS, mobile, e-book) Multimedia e-book & LMS (cope with standalone use) Customization/Personalization Materials Repository Mash-up API (Application Programming Interface) Store Optimization Big data and Learning Metrics/Analytics New Standards EDUPUB, IMS/Caliper/LTI/QTI..
  11. 11. 13