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  1. 1. IntroductionThis memo has the information that I obtained during my two interviews. I interviewed two individuals that own their own business. Both businesses conduct computer repairs, one also has mobile phone repairs also. I interviewed Jimmie Rome of Toledo, OH and Darren Palmer of Indianapolis, IN. This memo contains information about each individual, not too much on their background but more on their business and job responsibilities.Professionals BackgroundJimmie Rome was my first choice as the person to interview and the easiest being that he is my father. I thought I knew most of the information but found out more than I expected. Most of the information that Jimmie knows he has taught himself. Something he likes to call “trial and error”. With saying that, he has completed school all the way up to his freshman year of college. He has an entity classification “LLC” and also has a business license. Rome is the VP of Operations. He also has 15years experience in Computer IT (Information Technology) and also 7years experience in Cellular Sales and Repair. Though he owns his own business, he doesn’t have a set store location. Everything is mobile with him. He calls it mobile office and fixed location. Since his business is mobile, his sales fluctuate with the wake of new technologies. Agency BackgroundThe main purpose of their business is to provide their customers with quality service and equipment at competitive market prices. Jimmie started the business from the garage of his home in Indianapolis, IN in the year 1999. The business is self funded, and started with less than 500 dollars. The main population that the business serves is the cities of Greater Indianapolis and Toledo, Ohio. All the surrounding counties around those two cities are served also. Their structure is a Legal Entity Structure, LLC “Limited Liability Company”. The main services provided are computer and cellular service, repair and sales.Professionals BackgroundI had a hard time finding a second interviewer until Jimmie Rome referred me to someone. Darren Palmer is the owner of On Site PC Inc. He’s a good friend of my first interviewer. He’s based out of Indianapolis Indiana so I wasn’t able to meet him in person. However, I was able to conduct an email interview with him. Darren Palmer graduated from IVY Tech Programming. To this day, Palmer has 38 years of experience in the computer field. He is the owner of his business. Much like my first interviewer, Palmer doesn’t have a specific business store. He works out of home and most work he does now is done via remote. His main responsibility of work is to maintain clients’ network and computers. He maintains a great relationship with his clients.Agency BackgroundThe business’ name is “onsitepcinc”. Their mission/purpose is to provide computer service to after hour home workers. He started it a long time ago he tells me. He was working for a company and a lot of clients had issues at home and had to wait to do their work till they got back the next day. He started On Site PC 24 hr. Emergency Repair. The business is maintained on a profit structure. The services that they provide are computer repair, loaners, networking and cabling. The funding sources are fees. I couldn’t really get a lot of information on Darren and his business like I wanted to due to lack of time and our schedules not going well together.Summary/ConclusionAfter talking to these guys I learned a lot of information on computer businesses. Most of the time, once you graduate with a computer degree you’ll most likely end up with a career fixing them. It became easy to them after a while. That’s how it is with computers. It’s like once you do it, you’ll never forget how to. Some think that you have to get a degree just to be able to do this; Jimmie Rome proved that’s a false statement. Computer Technology is not as hard as what people think it is. All you have to do is try it. Below is contact information for both Jimmie Rome and Darren Palmer. Both fix computer problems. Jimmie also sells cell phones with service and also fixes them. Jimmie Rome - (567) 202 – 7647Darren Palmer - On Site PC Inc -<br />