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  3. 3. NASCAR
  4. 4. NASCAR A RACING SERIES LIKE NO OTHER… • Pure, authentic and accessible racing where up- and-comers compete with the best of the best • 2nd most popular form of motorsports - NASCAR Sprint Series is #1 • #1 motorsports series on ESPN2 • NASCAR is the #1 sport in spectator attendance and #2 sport on television • 10-month racing season is one of the longest of all major US sports, creating sustained marketing opportunities throughout the year Quick Facts •An average of more than 50,000 attendees at each NASCAR Nationwide Series race, with multiple events attracting over 100,000 •An average of 1.4 million households and 1.8 million viewers tuned in to each NASCAR Nationwide Series race in 2009 •Long-term household viewership for the NASCAR Nationwide Series is up +33% •NASCAR has partnerships with 30 top media companies
  5. 5. NASCAR NASCAR IS INTERNATIONAL… • The 2011 NASCAR Nationwide Series will mark the 5th season of the Montreal race • Weekly television broadcasts in more than 100 countries and in more than 30 languages • More than 4,000 hours of NASCAR related programming outside the US • NASCAR is the #1 motorsport in Canada and the top-rated American motorsport in Europe The 2010 NNS race in Montreal • Had an average of 2.3 million viewers, up 11% over 2009 • An estimated 70,000 fans attended the race • #1 motorsport event of the weekend and on cable television • 3rd most viewed NNS event on ESPN2, behind only Daytona and Las Vegas
  6. 6. NASCAR BUSINESS TO BUSINESS… • Access to more Fortune 500 companies than any other sport creating potential sales leads and additional revenue maximizing sponsors investment • NASCAR has the only formal B2B council limited to top tier sponsors and allows no direct competition • Discounts made available through B2B partnerships Opportunities for your business • Alternative location for business meetings and entertaining for your potential clients; suites and tickets available for this purpose • NASCAR sponsorship helps boost employee morale • Show car package available for company events and promotional trade shows • Appearances and speaking engagements by driver available to boost brand awareness
  7. 7. NASCAR NASCAR FANS ARE #1 IN BRAND LOYALTY… • NASCAR fans are 10 times more likely to indicate “knowing sponsors are important” than any other sport • NASCAR has a higher percentage of fans willing to try products and services of sponsors • NASCAR fans recall more brands than any other leagues – The casual NASCAR fan recalls more brands than avid NFL and MLB fans • NASCAR fans spend an average of 8 hrs per week following NASCAR via TV media, print, radio, internet and mobile which creates off the track opportunities for team and brand recognition Fan Demographics • 61% of fans are male, 39% are female • 43% of Americans ages 18 to 44 are NASCAR fans • 43% of NASCAR fans earn more than 50,000 annually • 41% of NASCAR fans live in the south • 70% of NASCAR fans support companies that sponsor teams and 65% pay more attention to commercials that feature NASCAR drivers • 1 out 5 NASCAR fans are a minority
  8. 8. NASCAR - the Leader in Sponsor Loyalty % indicating it is important to know who the league’s corporate partners are 21% 36% 32% 20% 20% 29% 5% 17% 19% 3% 6% 11% 7% 25% 20% 6% 7% 16% 2% 7% 3% 4% 2% 6% 10% 16% 21% 7% 9% 16% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% Caucasian Non-Caucasian 18-34 35+ No Children 1+ Children NASCAR NFL MLB NBA NHL
  9. 9. NASCAR Fan Attitudes Indicative of Loyalty NASCAR Fan Attitudes about NASCAR Sponsorship NASCAR Fan Attitudes about NASCAR on Product Proportion who Agree Attitudes 3 out of 4 “NASCAR drivers could not run their cars without sponsors’ support.” 2 out of 3 “I’m very familiar with companies that sponsor NASCAR and its drivers.” 2 out of 3 “NASCAR drivers use the products they endorse.” 2 out of 5 “I always buy products or services from companies that sponsor NASCAR.” 1 out of 3 “I always participate in NASCAR sponsors’ promotions, such as sweepstakes, coupons, mail-to-win, etc.” Proportion who Agree Attitudes 3 out of 4 “When I see the NASCAR logo on something, I know it will be a quality product.” 3 out of 4 “NASCAR branded products are associated with the best and highest quality brands.” 2 out of 3 “The NASCAR logo makes products more authentic.” 2 out of 3 “I look for the NASCAR logo when buying NASCAR-branded products.” 1 out of 2 “If I see the NASCAR logo on something, I am much more likely to buy it than I am to buy a similar product that does not have the NASCAR logo on it.”
  10. 10. NASCAR NASCAR SPONSORS GET RESULTS… • UPS has been sponsoring a team for 10 years, in that time they have increased sales with NASCAR businesses from 40% to 90%, increased awareness among NASCAR fans to 69% and have used it as a tool to improve employee moral and sales with trackside hospitality as rewards • There are more than 40 million “hardcore fans” of NASCAR that are loyal to sponsors • According to a NASCAR.com poll, 33% of respondents stated they would travel any distance to meet their favorite driver. “This strong connection between fan and driver creates an unbreakable bond that manifests itself through product loyalty and unwavering dedication to the sport” • A report Office Depot released this year stated that the main reason they decided to engage in sponsorship with NASCAR is because, “with NASCAR, you have loyalty not only to the driver but also to the companies that make the sport work and that is a competitive edge for Office Depot.” Studies A recent study conducted by the James Madison University Center for Sports Sponsorship concluded, “NASCAR sponsorship is the best buy in marketing.” Sponsorship in NASCAR is so appealing because sponsors see an immediate return on their investment after making the commitment to sponsor a NASCAR team or be a corporate sponsor. This is one reason why NASCAR has more sponsorship participation by Fortune 500 companies than any other sport (Irwindale 38). Even the stock market has acknowledged the power of NASCAR sponsorship and, as a recent USA Today article stated, within only two days of announcing sponsorship of NASCAR, most companies experience gains in stock market value of more than $300 million (Krantz 2).
  11. 11. JD MOTORSPORTS The JD Motorsports team is dedicated to becoming a top competitor in NASCAR events, developing and executing creative and effective advertising campaigns for our sponsors, and providing our fans with exciting entertainment and merchandise.
  12. 12. JD MOTORSPORTS MEET THE TEAM… • Family Run Team; Husband-wife team and owners, father-daughter drivers, other family members involved in company • Hardest working team in NASCAR that knows how to stretch a dollar • Maintaining the grass roots of NASCAR that fans crave to see the sport get back to • Honesty, trust and friendship are the core values of this team; we have a saying that a handshake is just as important as a contract • JD Motorsports has continued to operate despite struggles that have forced other teams to close their doors • Johnny and Lori race each weekend because they of their love and passion for racing and NASCAR JOHNNY DAVIS • 27 yrs in NASCAR • Won a Busch Series Championship in 1987 with Larry Pearson • Launched his own Nationwide team in 2002 • Built the largest model stock car in the US “Carzilla” and it is currently on display in the NASCAR Café in Las Vegas • One of the hardest working owners in the Sport LORI DAVIS • Background in Sales and Business • Joined JD Motorsports as a partner in 2004 • Manages the business operations of the team
  13. 13. JD MOTORSPORTS MARKETING WITH A FAMILY TEAM… • New and young marketing team with a fresh perspective on ways to improve the JD Motorsports marketing plan • We understand that marketing is not just putting decals on the car, but interacting with our fans and promoting directly to our fan base. • The marketing team is just as passionate as the owners and the drivers about our sponsorship partners and we know that JD Motorsports can offer a partner more than most teams in NASCAR • Marketing partnership allows for a full JD Motorsports marketing team to work around the clock for our partners • No other marketing team in NASCAR will work harder and spend time to understand branding needs of our partners MARKETING ADVANTAGES • Recent partnership with GoPro that allows JD Motorsports sport quality cameras in car with driver that will be used by team and the company GoPro to use in promotional ad campaigns – no other team in NASCAR has this advantage • Start-up of social networking sites; over 700 followers on twitter on first day • Weekly contests and giveaways to encourage fan interaction • Plans for fan contests for at track meetings and marketing partner giveaways, resulting in more brand recognition
  14. 14. MIKE WALLACE
  15. 15. MIKE WALLACE A DRIVER WITH PASSION AND HISTORY… • Middle brother of the famous and respected Wallace racing family, Mike has an established fan base due to his name • Mike has shown consistency throughout his career by finishing in the top 20 driver rankings in eight NNS seasons • Mike understands performance is only a part of his job, shining on camera and in interviews for sponsors is just as important as his driving talents • Mike has two decades in NASCAR and was the center of one of GEICO’s most memorable ad campaigns making him a TV personality of his own right that appeals to NASCAR and non-NASCAR fans alike CAREER HIGHLIGHTS •NNS debut in 1990 • Over 650 starts in NASCAR • NNS - 61 top 10 finishes, 21 top 5 finishes, 4 wins • Truck Series 4 wins • Career best 8th in 2008 in driver ranking • In 2009 Mike and Chrissy were the first father-daughter duo to compete in a NASCAR race
  16. 16. MIKE WALLACE A DRIVER WHO GETS RESULTS… • During the course of GEICO’s relationship with Mike Wallace the insurance brand has seen a 34% increase in the number of NASCAR fans who own GEICO insurance • Conversely over the same period of time, Nationwide who took over for Busch as the title sponsor of NASCAR’s second series, only experienced an increase of 11% amongst NASCAR fans • The difference between the two sponsorships is GEICO aligned themselves with a specific driver, Mike Wallace, that fans could identify with, while Nationwide spent significantly more for a series title sponsorship that delivered a much smaller ROI GEICO Nationwide
  18. 18. CHRISSY WALLACE A NEW WALLACE IN NASCAR? • Chrissy and Mike made NASCAR history at Daytona by being the first Father-Daughter duo in NNS • Chrissy is looking for a full sponsorship (25 or more races) so she can be eligible for Rookie of the Year • Chrissy is highly marketable not only because she is one of the few female drivers in a male dominated sport, but she has superior knowledge and ability in the sport • JD Motorsports #0 team will be available for Chrissy upon proper sponsorship Quick facts • 13 years of continuous racing throughout many series • 1st female to WIN a Late Model Race at Hickory Motor Speedway • LMSC 2007: 5 wins, 10 top 5’s, 4 top 10’s and Rookie of the Year • 2006 won 7 out of 10 Arena Races • 2005 & 2006 Speed51.com Most Popular Driver in Lowe’s Summer Shootout Series • Over 50 feature wins in Legend’s Car
  19. 19. CONTACT INFORMATION Owner Lori Davis: jdmotorsportspr@yahoo.com Office: 864-488-1270 Marketing Melinda Wooten: melindawooten.jdmotorsports@yahoo.com Cell: 704-930-3004 Office: 864-489-2135 Merchandise and Promotions John Wooten: jdmotorsports01@gmail.com JD Motorsports Website: www.jdavismotorsports.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/jdmotorsports01 Twitter: @jdmotorsports01