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  1. 1. FeedbackHere are the Results from my survey for my video. I used Surveymonkey asmy online questionnaire resource. This will give you an idea of what peoplethought of my video. I sent this via Facebook and twitter across my friendsand received 23 replies. The video itself has already received 500 views.From these first 2 questions, we can see there is a good even amount ofgender who watched this video. The age graph reflects on my age as most ofthe people I asked via Facebook and twitter are of my age. However thisshows that my Target audience is this age group and will be interesting to seewho likes this music and who will continue to listen to Tom’s Music.Here are the ratings for the music video:
  2. 2. Looking at these results 65% rated it 8 or more out of 10. This is a good resultfor my video as it shows the connection it had with the audience. The 6s and7s are honest and understandable results. My video is rated at 8/10 byaverage.Here is the responses from question 4What did you enjoy?Storyline, the song itself29/3/2012 11:49View ResponsesGood song and strong acting27/3/2012 20:51View ResponsesThe bit where she draws on the mirror a sad face and the graffiti bit in red27/3/2012 18:52View ResponsesWell presented, good filming27/3/2012 12:07View Responsesfiguring out what the story was26/3/2012 22:48View Responses
  3. 3. The way that the song and the lyrics really fit into the theme of the video26/3/2012 21:47View Responsesthe storyline it worked well with the music26/3/2012 21:26View ResponsesThe emotion and passion throughout the story26/3/2012 17:56View Responsesthe part when you see how things could of turned out if she hadnt of taken the drugs26/3/2012 17:36View ResponsesDrugs26/3/2012 17:32View Responseseverything26/3/2012 17:30View ResponsesI liked the B&W theme, and the story behind the song.26/3/2012 17:20View ResponsesCould variety of shots26/3/2012 17:08View Responsesthe story went really well with the song, and i thought the attention to detail wasbrilliant26/3/2012 16:55View ResponsesI think overall it flows really well, you can grasp the story and the video goes withthe song well. I like how the video is in black and white apart from little parts of itlike the spray paint e.t.c. Also, the actors were great at staying in character which Ithink it really important.26/3/2012 16:47View ResponsesThe bits that went backwards, and the tone of the video went well with that of thesong.26/3/2012 16:37View ResponsesThe story was really clear, and engaging. The overall style of the video fitted wellwith the soundtrack. It was kept simple enough to work well, but interesting enoughthat it didnt feel like 4 1/2 minutes!26/3/2012 16:29View ResponsesThe story line and the rewinding26/3/2012 16:28View Responses
  4. 4. Like the reversal. Also good examples of Social Realism26/3/2012 16:27View Responsesthe reversed editing26/3/2012 16:26View ResponsesThe black and white video and having reverse video26/3/2012 16:06View ResponsesThe feedback is very positive. People liked certain parts and others enjoyedthe film as a whole, including filming and storyline.The part is feedback from Question 5What could have been Improved?editing and some aspects of the video looked a bit forced.29/3/2012 11:49View ResponsesSome dubious direction - particularly the noose27/3/2012 20:51View Responsesthink there was a glitch at 2:24?? really quick cut?27/3/2012 18:52View Responsesmaybe not as much rewinding, got little bit repetitive, you could improve it byshowing some happy moments of them together26/3/2012 21:47View Responsescoloured could of been used more, especially at the end when the couple made itwork26/3/2012 21:26View Responsesmore colour because it was very dark26/3/2012 17:36View ResponsesMore drugs26/3/2012 17:32View Responsesno26/3/2012 17:30View Responses
  5. 5. With the rewind bit at the end, i think the repeated fast forward and rewind of themoney and drugs wasnt needed and didnt really fit into the whole rewind timescenario.26/3/2012 17:20View ResponsesEditing could be a bit smoother26/3/2012 17:08View ResponsesI probably would have spent more video time on the actors facial expressions26/3/2012 16:55View ResponsesUmm, I liked the majority of the effects but some of them kind of distorted thepicture and it looked like a glitch on the footage which lets it down a little. I alsothink there are some quite adult themes in it with drug taking and the suicide so itmight be worthwhile, eventually, putting an age restrictor thing on it? I dont know, Ithought it was ace.26/3/2012 16:47View ResponsesIt would have been better if the red colour effect hadnt shown up on things other thanthe single item that was supposed to be red, if you catch my drift. It would have justlooked that bit more pro.26/3/2012 16:37View ResponsesNot much!26/3/2012 16:29View ResponsesGeneral editing could be improved a little.26/3/2012 16:27View Responsesone tiny thing at 4:00 - 4:03 a little bit of dodgy colour extraction (accidental facecolouring) but thats all.26/3/2012 16:06View Responses