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Right Size Fits One - 4 Dimensions of Adaptive Learning


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L&D teams often have a difficult time achieving both scale and personalization in their solutions. In order to achieve maximum reach, scale often wins out. This fosters a one-size-fits-all approach to learning that subsequently disengages employees and brings the value of L&D into question. In order to meet the needs of a modern learning organization, L&D must apply right-fit solutions to demonstrate clear value to stakeholders.

In this session, we discuss the four dimensions of effective adaptive learning. We share tactics for enabling employees to become adaptive learners who can maintain ownership of their continued development. We demonstrate how modern authoring tools can be used to create adaptive content. We discuss how machine learning can enable continuous adaptive learning experiences. Finally, we explore an adaptive framework that can help L&D remain agile and keep pace with the people they support. We also provide real-world examples of organizations who have applied data-driven adaptive learning with measurable business results.

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Right Size Fits One - 4 Dimensions of Adaptive Learning

  1. 1. RIGHT SIZE FITS ONE 4 Dimensions of Adaptive Learning @JD_Dillon
  2. 2. JD Dillon Principal Learning Strategist
  3. 3. Every employee is UNIQUE. iStock @JD_Dillon
  4. 4. Hired on the same day. Recent college graduate Brand new to the industry Just needed a job 6th professional role 12 years in the industry Building a career @JD_Dillon They come into their roles with different experiences and expectations.
  5. 5. Very different people EXACTLY THE SAME TRAINING PROGRAM @JD_Dillon Unfortunately we support them the same way regardless of these differences.
  6. 6. Personalization Scale @JD_Dillon iStock L&D is historically challenged with balancing the needs of the individual with the scale of a modern business.
  7. 7. @JD_Dillon iStock This gets even MORE challenging at the scale of a global company.
  8. 8. @JD_Dillon Inside the Magic Personalized experiences are becoming an expectation in everyday life.
  9. 9. @JD_Dillon Employees deserve the right support at the right time from day 1.
  10. 10. Plateau will be reached in this year less than 2 years 2 to 5 years 5+ years Innovation Trigger Peak of Inflated Expectations Trough of Disillusionment Slope of Enlightenment Plateau of Productivity Gamification Video Data Mobile Social Brain Science Augmented Intelligence Microlearning Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Adaptive Learning @JD_Dillon JD’s HYPE CYCLE for Emerging Workplace Learning Concepts (2018) Self-Directed Learning
  11. 11. MICRO SELF-DIRECTED DATA @JD_Dillon Pixabay These emerging concepts are paving the way for the growth of adaptive learning.
  12. 12. Tommaso Sanguigni ADAPTIVE LEARNING @JD_Dillon Using everything we know about a person to provide a personalized, targeted, value-add support experience
  13. 13. @JD_Dillon So how do we evolve from one-size-fits-all to right-size-fits-one?
  14. 14. @JD_Dillon Pixabay Content (branching) Curriculum (pre-assessment) Recommendation (Netflix) Experience Types of Learning Personalization
  15. 15. @JD_Dillon Pexels To foster an adaptive experience, we must escape the place and time version of learning.
  16. 16. Job Training Online Modules Classroom Sessions Messaging Place and time learning @JD_Dillon Pushing content when available does not fit the unique needs of the individual.
  17. 17. To provide an adaptive experience, we must shift how we think about workplace learning. @JD_Dillon
  18. 18. Reinforcement Motivation Feedback Shared Experience Shared Knowledge Online Modules Classroom Sessions Messaging Knowledge Growth Business Results Job Training Coaching Behaviors Continuous learning experience @JD_Dillon
  19. 19. Data Content Tech Person 4 Dimensions of Adaptive Learning @JD_Dillon Pexels
  20. 20. DATA @JD_Dillon Pexels
  21. 21. @JD_Dillon ADAPTIVE LEARNING Using everything we know about a person to provide a personalized, targeted, value-add support experience
  22. 22. @JD_Dillon Netflix The recommendation model falls short of addressing individual needs.
  23. 23. Consumption Knowledge Behavior Results Multi-Dimensional Data Profile Demographic @JD_Dillon Context Feedback Building a dynamic data profile is the starting point for adapting the experience.
  24. 24. @JD_Dillon Pexels Pixabay We must find all viable data sources – including manual observation and automated collection.
  25. 25. @JD_Dillon CONTENT Pixabay
  26. 26. @JD_Dillon Pexels Traditional course structures are not flexible enough to support adaptive learning.
  27. 27. @JD_Dillon Pixabay Content must be targeted to align to specific individual needs.
  28. 28. CONTENT OUTCOMESKNOW DO @JD_Dillon ALIGNED WITH DATA Content must be designed to solve specific problems.
  29. 29. @JD_Dillon Pexels TECHNOLOGY
  30. 30. Algorithms + Machine Learning Variety in Content Format Continuous + Engaging Experience Data Collection Options APIs @JD_Dillon L&D must make informed decisions when selecting technology that can support adaptive experiences.
  31. 31. iStock @JD_Dillon PERSON
  32. 32. iStock @JD_Dillon Trust Understanding Accountability Curiosity Value L&D must influence stakeholders and employees to shift learning mentalities and demonstrate the value of adaptive experiences.
  33. 33. @JD_Dillon Pexels Data Content Tech Person 4 Dimensions of Adaptive Learning
  34. 34. @JD_Dillon Pexels What does adaptive learning look like in a retail environment?
  35. 35. @JD_Dillon Determine Priority Log in to Platform Deliver Digital Experience Update Manager Reporting UPDATE DATA FOR NEXT SESSION Employees receive support on a balance of business priority and individual need topics based on their demographic and knowledge data.
  36. 36. @JD_Dillon Pexels What about in a safety-critical warehouse environment?
  37. 37. YES Meet Threshold? Observe Performance Behavior Deliver Scheduled Training NO Deliver Refresher Notify Manager @JD_Dillon Employees receive automatic refresher sessions and coaching recommendations based on behavior data.
  38. 38. Corporate Culture & Values Customer Service Loss Prevention Standards of Practice Safety Systems Onboarding Coaching & Leadership Sales Quality Assurance $ Adaptive learning can help you balance constantly changing business priorities with individual needs. @JD_Dillon
  39. 39. @JD_Dillon Pexels This is just the beginning of the adaptive learning conversation.
  40. 40. @JD_Dillon Find the DATA Design for SPECIFIC behaviors Challenge your VENDORS Make it OK to personalize Empower the USER Preparing to Go Adaptive
  41. 41. @JD_Dillon The next phase of workplace learning must meet the evolving needs of the individual.
  42. 42.
  43. 43. @JD_Dillon In Real Life …
  44. 44. RIGHT SIZE FITS ONE 4 Dimensions of Adaptive Learning @JD_Dillon