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Modern Learning in 6 Words


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In this presentation, JD explores the idea of "modern" workplace learning. After all, modernizing your strategy sounds like a great idea, right? But there’s one pretty noteworthy problem with this idea. What exactly does “modernize” mean? Does it mean you’re going to implement the latest technology? Or does it mean you’re going to improve how you design you content? Or does it mean something else altogether? JD takes a look at all of the big conversations … the latest and greatest in L&D … to find a real definition for “modern learning.”

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Modern Learning in 6 Words

  1. 1. MODERN LEARNING in six words
  2. 2. JD Dillon Chief Learning Architect
  3. 3. What does it mean to modernize our learning strategy?
  4. 4. Pexels Does it mean we implement the latest and greatest tech?
  5. 5. Pexels Is it about the type of content we produce based on what people prefer to consume?
  6. 6. Or does something else have to change so that we can provide a right-fit learning and support experience to today’s employees?
  7. 7. Pexels What is it about the traditional tactics that just isn’t working anymore?
  8. 8. After exploring all of the big topics of discussion in L&D, here are the six ideas that stand out and how they fit together to define a modern learning experience.
  9. 9. workflow PIxabay
  10. 10. We need to start thinking about workplace learning in terms of moments, not content objects.
  11. 11. 5 Moments of Need NEW MORE APPLY SOLVE CHANGE Gottfredson + Mosher
  12. 12. ecosystem
  13. 13. Shared Knowledge Performance Support Reinforcement Coaching Pull Training Push Training AVAILABILITY PRIORITY NEED NICE L&D must leverage every available tool and tactic but with a simplified, consistent, scalable approach.
  14. 14. data Pexels
  15. 15. Learning Measurement Today The Kirkpatrick Model Traditional approaches to measurement have well-known gaps and just cannot align with modern data and workplace requirements.
  16. 16. L&D must evaluate all of the data available in the workplace and determine how it can be used to support employee performance.
  17. 17. Multi-Dimensional DATA Profile Who is this person? Demographic What has this person reviewed? Consumption What does this person know right now? Knowledge What is this person doing on the job? Behavior What impact is this person having on the business? Results What else is happening around this person? Context What does this person say they want/need? Feedback How does this person engage with the org? Connections
  18. 18. personal
  19. 19. Individual Need Scale iStock L&D is constantly trying to balance the needs of the individual with the needs of the entire organization. Unfortunately, scale usually wins.
  20. 20. ServiceSafetyProductsBrand 20% 75% 55% 60% ServiceSafetyProductsBrand 65% 75% 5% 20% The reality is the each employee comes into their role with a unique background …
  21. 21. ServiceSafetyProductsBrand ServiceSafetyProductsBrand SUSTAINED CAPABILITY … and L&D has to find ways to help them all reach sustained capability on all critical topics.
  22. 22. Therefore, L&D must learn to use data to scale personalized learning and support.
  23. 23. impact Pexels
  24. 24. Solution Results DoKnow An improved approach to measurement will help L&D close the value gap between their solutions and the results desired by the organization.
  25. 25. How are people engaging with learning and support opportunities? How are people’s knowledge and skill growing over time? How are people improving their on-the-job behaviors? How are learning experiences impacting business results? ENGAGEMENT LEARNINGOUTCOMES BEHAVIORS How can L&D adjust our support tactics to improve impact? ADAPTATION Once impact is clear, L&D can proactively adapt their strategies to focus on what actually works.
  26. 26. agility Pexels
  27. 27. Corporate Culture & Values Customer Service Loss Prevention Standards of Practice Safety Systems Onboarding Coaching & Leadership Sales Quality Assurance $ A modern ecosystem is built to support any/all workplace topics + use cases.
  28. 28. Reinforcement Analytics Motivation Practice Shared Experience Community of Knowledge Events Online Content Experience Messaging Knowledge Growth Business Results continuous learning experience Coaching Rather than focus on building content, L&D must design and iterate an overall learning experience.
  29. 29. agility ecosystem personal impact data workflow
  30. 30. Modern workplace learning is a critical part of the employee workflow, takes advantage of the full ecosystem, applies data to guide and accelerate decision- making, provides a personal experience at scale, drives clear business impact and fosters ongoing organizational agility.
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  34. 34. @JD_Dillon JD Dillon
  35. 35. MODERN LEARNING in six words