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Helping L&D Climb the AI Ladder


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Artificial intelligence is transforming the way work gets done. While some jobs are disappearing due to automation, most roles are changing to focus less on repetitive tasks and more on human functions. As work evolves, how must L&D also evolve to support employees in the AI-enabled workplace? And how can L&D leverage AI to improve its own practices? In this session, we explore the range of AI capabilities and their potential to transform L&D strategy.

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Helping L&D Climb the AI Ladder

  1. 1. Helping L&D Climb the AI Ladder
  2. 2. Why are you excited about the application of AI in learning and development?
  3. 3. • New Insights • Practical Perspective • Application Ideas • Data Focus • Good Questions • New Resources JD Dillon Becca Wilson Senior Product Manager Tech U Amazon Web Services Chief Learning Architect Axonify Founder + Principal LearnGeek
  4. 4. Pixabay Which is a better AI application? Smart Traffic Lights or Self-Driving Cars
  5. 5. Pixabay L&D will not introduce AI in your workplace.
  6. 6. Pixabay 80% of CEOs see AI as a critical component of their digital transformation strategy. Forbes INSIGHT #1
  7. 7. Pixabay AI is helping organizations to … Predict Enable Reimagine Automate
  8. 8. First, we have to talk about boxes. Pixabay
  9. 9. internet social mobile AI represents the next potential inflection point for L&D.
  10. 10. 75% of commercial applications will use AI by next year. IDC – Worldwide IT Industry 2018 Predictions L&D within 3 years.
  11. 11. AI Evolution Narrow AI Broad AI General AI Emerging Pervasive Revolutionary We are here.
  12. 12. AI is NOT ABOUT ROBOTS!!!!!
  13. 13. Stuff AI can do today … Pattern Recognition Natural Language Processing Conversational Response Discovery Visual Recognition Sentiment Analysis Text : Speech INSIGHT #2
  14. 14. What problem are you trying to solve? INSIGHT #3
  15. 15. VALUE ADOPTION New PracticeExisting Practice Personalization NLP Search Translation Content Authoring Administration Content Tagging Chatbots Recommendation Gap Identification Impact Analysis Coaching Mentoring
  16. 16. Is L&D ready for AI?
  17. 17. AI Machine Learning Analytics Information Architecture Does L&D have the IA needed to apply AI?
  18. 18. NLP Search Translation Content Authoring Administration Content Tagging Chatbots Software-Enabled AI Limited IA Required
  19. 19. Software Executed AI IA Foundation Required Personalization Recommendation Gap Identification Impact Analysis Coaching Mentoring
  20. 20. AI Machine Learning Analytics Information Architecture L&D has to fix its data practices before it can apply advanced AI. INSIGHT #4
  21. 21. This is not sufficient data for high-value AI The Kirkpatrick Model
  22. 22. Fixing the measurement problem begins with mindset – the way we think about learning in the modern workplace. INSIGHT #5
  23. 23. Reinforcement Analytics Motivation Shared Experience On-Demand Resources Events Online Content Experience Messaging Knowledge Growth Business Results Coaching modern learning experience
  24. 24. modern solution design Agree on a clear, measurable business result Define the observable behavior required to achieve the result Define the knowledge required to execute the expected behavior Determine the right-fit solution DESIGN + MEASUREMENT
  25. 25. multi-dimensional data Who is this person? Demographic What has this person reviewed? Consumption What does this person know right now? Knowledge What is this person doing on the job? Behavior What impact is this person having on business outcomes? Results What else is happening around this person? Context What does this person say they want/need? Feedback How does this person engage with the org? Connections
  26. 26. How are people engaging with learning opportunities? Engagement How is people’s knowledge changing over time? Learning How is learning impacting business results and delivering ROI? Outcomes How are people’s behaviors changing on the job? Behaviors How are we projected to perform in the future with our key business goals? Prediction How can we continuously adapt our support tactics to ensure optimum results? Adaptation Machine Learning
  27. 27. 5 Key Insights for AI in L&D 1 | L&D is late to the AI party, but that’s OK. 2 | AI is very good at very specific tasks. 3 | AI is not about tech. It’s about solving problems. 4 | Meaningful AI is out of reach until we fix L&D measurement. 5 | To fix measurement, we must change how we approach learning.
  28. 28. Pixabay How can you leverage these insights and begin to climb the AI ladder?
  29. 29. Pixabay 1 | explore AI within your organization 2 | do your AI homework 3 | find the problems 4 | establish a vision for AI-enabled L&D 5 | fix your measurement practices 6 | partner with experts + providers 7 | experiment 8 | help people get ready for AI-enabled work
  30. 30. AI should be focused on helping people solve problems so they can do their best work every day.
  31. 31. Download |
  32. 32. AI in the Workplace Artificial intelligence is the fastest-growing technology in the history of the modern workplace. Keeping up with the latest developments can be a challenge, even for technology experts This curated Flipboard magazine focuses on the application of AI in the workplace, especially in human resources and learning and development. LearnGeek continuously flips new articles from around the internet into this magazine, which can be viewed on any internet-capable device.
  33. 33. TD Magazine | January 2020 Available Now | ATD Bookstore
  34. 34. JD Dillon Becca Wilson @JD_Dillon rebexlynn
  35. 35. Helping L&D Climb the AI Ladder