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Go Viral! Motivating Employees to Share Their Knowledge


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We never want for information in everyday life. Have a problem? Just Google it! Unfortunately, everything changes when we go to work. Enterprise social networks are barren. Information repositories are filled with outdated junk. The knowledge we need remains hidden in hierarchical silos and training materials. Employees are left to fend for themselves---often with negative results. In this session, we dig into the knowledge-sharing behaviors that have become so commonplace in our daily lives and share specific tactics to activate these behaviors in the workplace. We will explore the role of technology and identify the capabilities that best enable user contribution. We discuss proven methods for motivating employees to share what they know and seek out information to solve problems on their own. We demonstrate how strategic curation can help your organization's knowledge go viral.

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Go Viral! Motivating Employees to Share Their Knowledge

  2. 2. JD Dillon Chief Learning Architect, Axonify Principal + Founder, LearnGeek
  3. 3. Unstructured Structured SHARED KNOWLEDGE Performance Support Continued Reinforcement Management Support On-Demand Training Formal Training AVAILABILITY PRIORITY SHARED KNOWLEDGE is the foundation of modern learning.
  4. 4. Arbor Networks - 2016 Sharing knowledge is a natural part of EVERYDAY LIFE.
  5. 5. 40+ MILLION ARTICLES 293 languages 58 million contributors
  6. 6. Today we have piles of TECHNOLOGY designed to help us share knowledge at work.
  7. 7. NY Post But the knowledge sharing party HAS YET TO BEGIN in most organizations.
  8. 8. Learning at HOME Learning at WORK Pexels This gap is part of the GROWING DISCONNECT between …
  9. 9. TECHNOLOGY is critical but this isn’t a technology discussion. Pexels
  10. 10. iStock This is the conversation about PEOPLE and BEHAVIOR.
  11. 11. Bersin Research Bulletin, Meet the Modern Learner November 26, 2014 Pexels Work has changed, but how we SUPPORT work has not kept up.
  12. 12. 2.5HOURS / DAY wasted looking for information 65PERCENT of information is shared via email to return to task after interruption 25MINUTES Pexels IDC Atlassian
  13. 13. Pexels Years of workplace knowledge are LOST due to turnover and poor engagement.
  14. 14. Work no longer functions in a centralized manner but knowledge remains locked in hierarchical SILOS.
  15. 15. iStock How can we MOTIVATE people to share what they know?
  16. 16. Despite similar behaviors, real-world sharing is NOT THE SAME as workplace sharing.
  17. 17. Pexels It’s an APPLES and ORANGES scenario.
  19. 19. Unstructured Structured Shared Knowledge Performance Support Continued Reinforcement Management Support On-Demand Training Formal Training AVAILABILITY PRIORITY Leverage shared knowledge as a FOUNDATION. Leverage shared knowledge and existing problem solving skills as the foundation of your learning ecosystem. Only apply structured, formal training solutions when necessary.
  20. 20. Align shared knowledge with the WORK. Pexels Make sharing and accessing information part of the job – not an extra. Position access to resources within the tools and workflows already present in the work.
  21. 21. Pexels Identify right-fit TECHNOLOGY. Start with the tools people already use to do their jobs to determine if/how they can support sharing. Fill gaps with familiar tools that align to the work and culture – not just extra tech for the sake of tech.
  22. 22. Seed with VALUE-ADD content. Pexels People have a myriad of options when it comes to information so any new effort must include value-add resources from the beginning to establish value and keep them coming back. Find the low hanging fruit problems that can be addressed through shared knowledge. Focus on this content early to show value and gain buy-in.
  23. 23. Confront organizational FEAR. Pexels Every company has stakeholders who are concerned about giving employees a SAVE button. Address this worry early and shape your strategy to overcome it quickly.
  24. 24. CREATE CONSUME Find your 1%. iStock INTERACT You don’t need EVERYONE to share equally to be successful. Find the people who are already motivated and demonstrating the desired behaviors. Enable them to become your champions.
  25. 25. Pexels Keep sharing SIMPLE. The bar for information technology is set by consumer experiences, which are increasingly simple. Focus on simplicity in design so knowledge can be shared with ease – not requiring extra forms and steps when not needed.
  26. 26. Pexels Provide OPTIONS for sharing. Not every message matches the same modality. Some messages are better shared through text, others through video. Provide options to help people match the modality to the message.
  27. 27. Provide SUPPORT mechanisms. Put just the right amount of structure in place to support your shared knowledge goals. Consider installing a dedicated curator to promote the desired behaviors and protect the user experience.
  28. 28. Pexels Offer EXTRINSIC motivation mechanics (to start). Explore different motivational tactics – such as gamification – to get people engaged early, but don’t rely on them long-term.
  29. 29. Pixar Offer INTRINSIC motivation mechanics (to sustain). Focus on the value of the shared knowledge experience and impact to the job. Keep that alive in order to keep people coming back.
  30. 30. Pexels Get HIGH PROFILE contributors. Leverage established voices within the organization – such as executives, thought leaders, product owners – to provide credibility and early engagement.
  31. 31. Don’t forget the FUN! Pexels Sharing shouldn’t be entirely about the nuts and bolts of work. Provide people with opportunities to be PEOPLE and engage on topics of interest – at an appropriate level.
  32. 32. ü Set the FOUNDATION ü Align with the WORK ü Identify right-fit TECH ü Seed with VALUE ü Confront FEAR ü Find your 1% ü Keep it SIMPLE ü Provide OPTIONS + SUPPORT ü Motivate to ENGAGE + SUSTAIN ü Get high-profiles INVOLVED ü Remember the FUN
  33. 33. Before only the veterans knew everything. Now everyone has access to the same information. Everyone has a voice. Kaplan Employee Pexels
  34. 34. Respect contraband Value utility over form Find + enable the willing Leverage your partners Select enabled technology Skill up on curation GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!
  35. 35. Fuel your people + Power your organizations | 35 iStock
  36. 36. Check out the largest collection of curated microlearning resources ever, including … § Articles § Books § Collections § Experts § Reports § Workshops
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  38. 38. @JD_Dillon