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Compliance, Onboarding, Content, Engagement: New Ideas for Solving Persistent L&D Challenges


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Improving employee learning and development is the most important issue (86%) in human resources today according to the 2019 Global Human Capital Trends Report from Deloitte. However, while L&D is the area of greatest concern due to the changing nature of work, only 10% of respondents said their organizations are "very ready" to address it. Why is there such a gaping disparity between importance and readiness when it comes to employee development?

The problem is that work doesn't stop to make time for transformation. Even the best-laid talent development plans get regularly sidetracked by day-to-day business realities. If an L&D team hopes to be a meaningful part of the future of work within their organization, they must address the challenges that constantly inhibit their practices. Before L&D can transform, they must find new ways to solve familiar problems, including engagement, content, compliance and onboarding.

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Compliance, Onboarding, Content, Engagement: New Ideas for Solving Persistent L&D Challenges

  1. 1. for solving 4 persistent L&D challenges NEW IDEAS
  2. 2. JD Dillon Chief Learning Architect
  3. 3. L&D pros are often looking for the NEXT BIG THING … and that makes sense in a technology-driven industry.
  4. 4. Donald H. Taylor 2020 L&D Global Sentiment Survey
  5. 5. Thought Leadership Corporate Reality However, there’s a disconnect between industry progress and everyday organizational reality.
  6. 6. The prospect of modernizing workplace learning feels like a long, challenging road for many organizations.
  7. 7. But even the most forward-thinking orgs are still challenged to overcome familiar L&D problems. It’s like navigating an already-difficult road with a broken windshield.
  8. 8. 4 longstanding challenges To advance our overall practices, L&D must overcome our legacy problems, including …
  9. 9. COMPLIANCEHow can we check all of the boxes while also not damaging our reputation and (maybe) helping people learn something?
  10. 10. ONBOARDINGHow can we get people into the operation as quickly as possible while also meeting all of our stakeholder requirements?
  11. 11. CONTENTHow can we build better content faster while not creating a long-term content management headache?
  12. 12. ENGAGEMENTHow can we get people to complete required training while also taking responsibility for their own development?
  13. 13. What’s under the surface of these challenges? What is the real problem we’re trying to solve?
  14. 14. compliance onboarding content engagement 1 challenge in common These problems cannot be solved in isolation. Instead, L&D must rethink their fundamental practices to address a common challenge.
  15. 15. timethe single biggest obstacle to employee development
  16. 16. COMPLIANCE not enough time to get to all of the required training ONBOARDING not enough time to cover all of the requested topics CONTENT not enough time to build and maintain all of our courses ENGAGEMENT not enough time for learning due to operational demands
  17. 17. Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. William Penn
  18. 18. focusfit Time will always be a challenge, especially due to the pace of business change. Rather than attempt to find more time, L&D must overcome this limitation through … Providing solutions that align with the everyday realities of the workplace Providing solutions that target specific, results-focused knowledge and skill needs
  19. 19. ü Understand the audience ü Architect a learning experience that fits ü Design learning solutions with focus ü Solve problems through an evolved approach To make this shift L&D must …
  20. 20. Connected Busy Unique Disengaged Eager Axonify 2019 State of Frontline Workplace Training Study L&D must conduct research to build a practical persona of their audience and design solutions that fit this persona – not L&D.
  21. 21. Shared Knowledge Performance Support Reinforcement Coaching Pull Training Push Training AVAILABILITY PRIORITY The Modern Learning Ecosystem FrameworkTM NEED NICE L&D tactics can then be realigned to match the persona’s everyday working realities.
  22. 22. Agree on a clear, measurable business result Define the observable behavior required to achieve the result Define the knowledge required to execute the expected behavior Determine the right-fit solution DESIGN + MEASUREMENT Access Engagement Value Confidence Motivation Opportunity Practice Feedback Support
  23. 23. Reinforcement Analytics Motivation Shared Experience On-Demand Resources Events Online Content Experience Messaging Knowledge Growth Business Results Coaching continuous learning experience This tactical shift will help L&D design a right-fit support experience for the individual employee.
  24. 24. L&D can then apply both new and familiar tactics to address common challenges in reimagined ways.
  25. 25. ü Apply the design model to focus on the real compliance requirement ü Apply the MLE Framework to identify the right-fit solution ü Introduce your new solution into the continuous learning experience ü Realize that sometimes you will still have to deliver the long, boring stuff 88% compliance training completed across 200+ stores and 3000+ employees within 2 weeks COMPLIANCE
  26. 26. ü Apply the design model to focus on topics that must be delivered right away ü Apply the MLE Framework to identify right-fit solutions for each topic ü Leverage the continuous learning experience to support ongoing development ü Shift the onboarding mindset: set program > start of continuous learning at work 24% reduction in onboarding time 5% improvement in customer value ONBOARDING
  27. 27. ü Apply the design model to focus only on critical knowledge points ü Apply the MLE Framework to identify a right-fit solution ü Leverage the continuous learning experience to rapidly deploy content ü Leverage SMEs to maintain a collection of targeted solutions Now able to turn around content within 48 hours to support new product launches CONTENT
  28. 28. ü Apply the design model to build small, focused, high-value solutions ü Apply the MLE Framework to find the right-fit modality for each message ü Leverage the continuous learning experience fit the solution into the day ü Introduce motivational tactics that match workplace culture Voluntary training engagement sustained at 91% after 5+ years of application ENGAGEMENT
  29. 29. We do not need gimmicks to solve longstanding L&D challenges like compliance, onboarding, content and engagement. Instead, we must understand our audience and rethink how we provide solutions that fit into their everyday reality.
  30. 30. The business isn’t going to slow down. L&D has to think differently so we can finally catch up.
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  32. 32. @JD_Dillon
  33. 33. NEW IDEAS for solving 4 persistent L&D challenges