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135 Pro Aviation Services


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JDA's Part 135 Pro certification support program for corporate operators shoiwng the 135Pro web based applicaiton modules.

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135 Pro Aviation Services

  1. 1. 135Pro™ Aviation Services Aviation Technology Solutions
  2. 2. Problem FAA identified Part 135 Certificate Holders (CH) “renting out their certificates” to corporate aircraft owners FAA investigation revealed Part 135 CH allowed corporate aircraft owners to provide air transportation w/o authority resulting in: Record fines Certificate suspensions and revocations Threat of jail time for illegal Part 135 flights Aviation Technology Solutions
  3. 3. Safety & Liability Accident liability Darby/Platinum Jet – Teterboro, NJ airport accident Insurance carriers FAA enforcement actions Possible criminal indictments Aviation Technology Solutions
  4. 4. Improper Tax Deductions Taking tax credit for operating under Part 135 Tax credit entitlement only if Part 135 certificate holder Only certificate holder may operate aircraft under Part 135 Authority may not be delegated to aircraft owners IRS is aware of improper tax deduction Aviation Technology Solutions
  5. 5. Expenses Corporate operators paying high monthly fees to “rent” certificate Additional expenses if “caught”  Insurance premiums  Loss of aircraft  Pilot certificate revocations  Fines – which can be substantial ($10 million AMI/TAG) Aviation Technology Solutions
  6. 6. Reasons For Not Getting 135 certificate Too costly Takes too long No time to write manuals and programs Avoid working with FAA on Part 135 certification Increased FAA oversight Have not had any problem so far Aviation Technology Solutions
  7. 7. Options Give up charter revenues Keep “renting” Part 135 certificate and hope you do not get caught by FAA or have incident/accident Get own Part 135 certificate Aviation Technology Solutions
  8. 8. Solution = 135Pro™ Low Cost Way to Obtain Part 135 Certificate Improves Safety Comply with Regulations Avoid Operational Control Issues Lower Operating Cost and Increase Profitability Ensure Correct IRS Deductions Aviation Technology Solutions
  9. 9. Customer Support Web-Based Document Management Program Flight Origination Services Qualification Tracking Ongoing Compliance Service Revision Service FAA Coordination/Interface Mentoring and Training Aviation Technology Solutions
  10. 10. 135Pro™ Aviation Web Tools 135Pro™ Provides: Certification Documents Flight origination Programs Airworthiness Documents SMS Pro™ - Basic Version Training Plans and Manuals Document management Aviation Technology Solutions
  11. 11. 135Pro™ Web-site Aviation Technology Solutions
  12. 12. Secure Site User ID and Password Aviation Technology Solutions
  13. 13. Certification Aviation Technology Solutions
  14. 14. MEL Aviation Technology Solutions
  15. 15. Flight Manifest Aviation Technology Solutions
  16. 16. Weight and Balance Aviation Technology Solutions
  17. 17. Conformity Inspections Aviation Technology Solutions
  18. 18. SMS Pro™ Basic Version Aviation Technology Solutions
  19. 19. Maintenance Aviation Technology Solutions
  20. 20. Compliance Statement Aviation Technology Solutions
  21. 21. Flight Operations Manual Aviation Technology Solutions
  22. 22. Training Manual Aviation Technology Solutions
  23. 23. Process and Procedures For Certification Customer Questionnaire Ongoing 135 Pro support Certification Complexity Process Determination Develop Manuals/ Programs Aviation Technology Solutions
  24. 24. Part 135 Certification Steps Phase 1- Pre-application Phase 2- Formal Application Phase 3- Document Compliance Phase 4- Demonstration and Inspection Phase 5- Certification Aviation Technology Solutions
  25. 25. Pre-Application Phase JDA will provide:  PASI; Letter of Intent; Draft Deviation Requests  Study Guide  Review Owner’s Documentation/Lease  Review Applicable Regulations and Acs  Review/Discussion of Certification Procedures  Review Certification Job Aid  Aircraft Conformity Review ♦ Inspection/Maintenance Program Evaluation ♦ Airworthiness Directive Compliance Evaluation ♦ Aircraft Maintenance Record Evaluation Owners Provide Documentation/Resumes Aviation Technology Solutions
  26. 26. Formal Application Phase JDA will provide: Program Manager/SMEs Briefings/Training for Customer Personnel Formal Application Package ♦ Appropriate manuals and training programs ♦ Aircraft maintenance/inspection programs ♦ MELs ♦ Other required documents Schedule of events DOT-298 authority from AFS-260 Aviation Technology Solutions
  27. 27. Document/Demonstration Phase JDA will provide: Program manager SMEs All FAA approved or accepted documents Coaching/mentoring of owners personnel Aviation Technology Solutions
  28. 28. Proving Test/Validation Flights JDA will provide: When Appropriate, Reduced Proving Test Time Table Top Exercise With Sample Scenarios Observations & Monitoring of Scheduled Events Coaching/Mentoring Corrected Documents Requested by FAA Remedial Training as Needed Modified Schedule of Events as Needed Aviation Technology Solutions
  29. 29. Certification Phase FAA Issues Part 119 Certificate and Ops Specs Completes Certification Process Provide After Action Review Review Ops Spec and regulatory responsibilities Provide Hotline Service Service Plan to Support Certificate on Ongoing Basis Provide Future Audits as requested Aviation Technology Solutions
  30. 30. Process and Procedures For Ongoing Support Customer Request/FAA Changes Ongoing SME Support Support Revise Coordination/ Manuals/ Interface with Programs FAA 135Pro Aviation Technology Solutions
  31. 31. Staffing and Hours of Operation 1-877-532-2376 JDA phone number for subject matter expert (SME) support Full time JDA technical support available 7:30 am to 7:30 pm EST FAA coordination and interface Qualifications tracking Email alerts Aviation Technology Solutions
  32. 32. For more information go to or call us at 1- 877-532-2376 Aviation Technology Solutions