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Catching Success via the Cloud: Super Retail Group Speeds Supply Chain Optimization With JDA Cloud Services


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Catching Success via the Cloud: Super Retail Group Speeds Supply Chain Optimization With JDA Cloud Services

  1. 1. Case Study: Super Retail Group Business Overview • One of Australia’s leading specialty retailers, with more than 600 stores and annual revenues in excess of AU$2 billion • Its seven retail brands include Amart Sports, BCF, Goldcross Cycles, FCO, Ray’s Outdoors, Rebel and Supercheap Auto • Operates in Australia, New Zealand and China, with more than12,000 employees Business Challenges Solutions • Rapid growth through acquisitions resulted in • • • • • • • • • • enormous supply chain complexity • Managing seven separate supply chains • Sought to consolidate demand forecasting and replenishment across its diverse brands, which were operating at different levels of planning maturity Services • JDA Cloud Services • JDA Consulting Services • JDA Support Services Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL JDA® Collaborate JDA® Demand JDA® Demand Classification JDA® Fulfillment JDA® Market Manager JDA® Monitor JDA® Order Optimization JDA® Reporting JDA® Allocation JDA® Enterprise Planning
  2. 2. Case Study: Super Retail Group Results • Achieved full implementation in the BCF business, across 1.4 million SKUs, in 10 months with cloud deployment • • • • Reduced inventory holdings and safety stock by 20 percent Improved forecast accuracy Improved process efficiency Quickly transformed to a customer-centric approach WHAT CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING We needed to prove that business-critical systems on the cloud did not provide any greater operational risks. Now that we’ve proven that the performance is very good, and the data is moving backward and forward between the systems, we are challenging the IT team to move other capabilities into the cloud.” ~Keith Harrison, Solutions Manager, Supply Chain, Super Retail Group Copyright 2013 2013Software Group, Inc. - Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL Copyright JDA JDA Software Group, CONFIDENTIAL