Real Results Magazine: Must-Have Tips to Boost and Empower Your Supply Chain


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What’s on your summer reading list? The one must-read is our latest edition of Real Results magazine, a compilation of customer success stories, influencer points of view, and perspectives from JDA thought leaders on some of today’s most compelling business challenges. The latest issue offers stories on a cross-section of international companies who are impacting real change in their companies through the use of supply chain solutions.

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Real Results Magazine: Must-Have Tips to Boost and Empower Your Supply Chain

  1. 1. Optimizing the Customer Experience Successful retailers must focus on creating great customer experiences. The good news is that most retailers have a lot of information about products, customers, shopping histories and more at their fingertips to help them recognize and fulfill customer needs. Retailers have the opportunity to use that data and insight to optimize the customer experience and foster loyalty and profitability using four key principles. Read: Optimizing the Customer ExperienceFour Key Principles for Understanding Meet the Author:and Meeting the Needs of Omni-Channel Scott Welty is vice president,Customers retail, JDA Software. With widespread retail experience 1. Enhance the customer connection and a focus on business process 2. Break down channel barriers optimization, Welty has helped 3. Build profit intelligence into experience hundreds of companies select the proper solutions to attain strategy increased revenue, profit and 4. Translate loyalty into long-term success efficiencies. Copyright © 2012 JDA Software Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. The Rise of the Cloud For companies seeking rapid transformation and long-term supply chain leadership, cloud resources are an essential mechanism that delivers the right technology, people and processes to quickly revolutionize the entire business. When paired with best-of-breed supply chain solutions, a well-planned cloud deployment can lower a company’s upfront costs while minimizing risk, driving immediate bottom-line savings and reducing the time it takes to achieve a full return on investment. Read: The Rise of the Cloud Meet the Authors: Joe King is senior vice president, JDACloud resources can be optimized to Cloud Services. In this role, he iscreate dramatic improvements in these responsible for JDA’s global Cloud Services business, including sales, support andand other critical business areas: operations.  Revenue maximization Steve Davis is vice  Inventory optimization president, JDA Strategic  Forecasting accuracy Services. In this role, he is responsible for  Demand and fulfillment optimization bringing business  Business-wide synchronization transformation and leading practices to JDA’s worldwide Copyright © 2012 JDA Software Group, Inc. All rights reserved. customers.
  3. 3. The Shift to Reshoring More than a decade after many manufacturing companies started moving their production operations to lower-cost countries, the industry is again on the brink of a major global shift. Many of the offshore cost advantages that once existed are now beginning to erode. Companies should reassess their global manufacturing strategies with a deliberate, balanced approach that considers the total cost of manufacturing a product for a specific market, including location, before making any long-term capacity decisions. Read: The Shift to ReshoringWhen leveraging supply chainsegmentation to assess, define and Meet the Author:create the best sourcing strategies, David Johnston is senior vicemanufacturers should: president, manufacturing and  Regionally match supply to demand wholesale distribution, JDA  Recognize the trade-offs Software. In this role, he is  Execute with flexibility and efficiency responsible for strengthening industry and executive-level  Factor in the value of speed to market relationships with JDA’s  Drill into the cross-sections of different customers and key prospects. market attributes and dimensions  Strive for better service at lower cost Copyright © 2012 JDA Software Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. The New Age of Category Management The cost of getting an assortment wrong, or failing to ensure product availability, cannot be underestimated in today’s hyper- connected and ultra-competitive retail world. When shoppers leave a store because they can’t find an advertised special, they may be abandoning a cart full of non-related items. They may be headed to a competitive channel, where they can build long- term loyalty. The impact of one disappointment can be significant and lasting. Read: The New Age of Category ManagementCategory managers are turning to Meet the Author:scalable technologies that enable Danny Halim is vice president,efficient, automated processes for industry strategies, JDAassortment planning, space planning Software. He is responsible for developing strategic supply chainand replenishment including: innovations for the consumer 1. Cloud services products industries. 2. Space-aware assortments and store-level planograms 3. Three-dimensional visualization Copyright © 2012 JDA Software Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. The Consumer-Driven Transportation Network Manufacturers and retailers must increase their overall supply chain flexibility and responsiveness to meet the increasingly impatient and fickle demands of consumers. In terms of transportation, this means relying on more flexible schemes and multiple modes that might include private fleets, third-party truckload carriers and parcel carriers – and even mixing modes in new and creative ways. Read: The Consumer-Driven Transportation Network Meet the Author:The new omni-channel Fabrizio Brasca is vice president,consumer is changing every global logistics, JDA Software. He is responsible for developingfacet of today’s supply chains. innovative transportation and logistics strategies across allWhat are the implications for industry verticals.transportation networks? Copyright © 2012 JDA Software Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. The Changing State of Retail For retailers today, it’s an exciting but challenging time. The e-commerce revolution has created a newly empowered consumer, who has high expectations for the retail shopping experience. How should retailers transform their businesses – and their supply chains – to support the omni-channel delivery of products to these new consumers? More than 100 retailers were asked their opinions on the changing state of retail, and their feedback – and what it means for the retail value chain – are reflected in this thoughtful piece. Read: The Changing State of Retail Meet the Authors: Wayne Usie, JDA Software’s senior vice president, retail, is responsible for strengthening executive-level relationships70% of survey respondents with JDA’s retail customers and prospects.believe that shoppers will expect Kevin O’Marah is a seniorbrick-and-mortar retailers to be fellow of the Stanfordable to trade off availability, Global Supply Chain Management Forum, aconvenience, price and leading research instituteassortment to get to the right that advances the theory and practice ofdeal for them. excellence in global supply chain Copyright © 2012 JDA Software Group, Inc. All rights reserved. management.
  7. 7. Lifting Profits With high operating costs and considerable sensitivity to external forces such as fuel expenses, air cargo is a business of razor-thin margins and extreme cost pressures. Limited visibility into true demand, or prevailing market rates, make it difficult to set prices strategically. With increased visibility and transparency, carriers can better shape their products and pricing strategies to reflect real customer needs, creating a win for everyone in the supply chain. Read: Lifting ProfitsRevenue management solutions provide Meet the Author:five key benefits that help carriers lift Anand Medepalli serves as vicetheir profits: president of freight transportation in JDA Software’s 1. Accurate demand forecasting Pricing and Revenue 2. Capacity management Management Group. He is 3. Price optimization responsible for overseeing 4. Increased collaboration strategic business initiatives for the freight transportation 5. Market visibility industry. Copyright © 2012 JDA Software Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. The Ultra-Connected Supply Chain The Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions (VICS) Association recently unveiled its latest guideline for retailers and manufacturers titled “The Ultimate Retail Supply Chain Machine: Connecting the Consumer to the Factory.” This new guideline shows how time-phased, multi-echelon replenishment systems – also known as store-level distribution resource planning (DRP) systems – can link all activities to the store-level forecast, creating a complete and dynamic model of the retail supply chain. Insights from three VICS members who were key contributors to the recommendation are featured in this piece. Read: The Ultra-Connected Supply ChainMeet the Contributors: Joe Andraski is president Fred Baumann is vice Leroy Allen is senior and chief executive president, industry vice president, logistics, officer of VICS. strategies at JDA Lowe’s, and a member of Considered to be one of Software. He is the VICS board of the key leaders of CPFR®, responsible for the directors. He leads teams Andraski created and wholesale distribution responsible for launched the VICS CPFR and manufacturing forecasting, inventory Certification Program. industry strategy for key planning and Prior to VICS, Andraski verticals within his replenishment, as well as held numerous positions segment. vendor compliance and with Nabisco, Inc. collaboration initiatives. Copyright © 2012 JDA Software Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. The Power of Community In today’s corporate environment, employees are often asked to do more — increase efficiencies, grow revenue, lower costs — with fewer resources. With more focus on the bottom line than ever before, professionals are looking outside of the walls of their own companies for inspiration on how to add value and drive innovation. For many supply chain professionals, JDA’s Users Group provides that opportunity. Recently, several supply chain professionals gathered to discuss the benefits of Users Group membership and the knowledge, contacts and opportunities they’ve uncovered through their involvement. Read: The Power of CommunityMeet the Contributors:George Frongillo Lesley Klinger Jim Caruso Bill Hollars Michael McClainUsers Group Users Group SIG Chair – SIG Chair – SIG Chair – SpacePresident Administrative Collaborate Seasonal Profiling Planning Director Copyright © 2012 JDA Software Group, Inc. All rights reserved.