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JDA Software Supply Chain Now


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JDA Software’s industry-proven supply chain management solutions, designed to empower midsized companies to minimize risk, achieve rapid ROI and increase profits.

Companies can tackle today's most pressing challenges, improve supply chain responsiveness and increase profitability in as quickly as four months with JDA’s unique, hosted offering for midsized businesses.

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JDA Software Supply Chain Now

  1. 1. Investing in Growth<br />A Unique Offering for Midsized Businesses to Improve Supply Chain Responsiveness and Increase Profitability in as quickly as 5 Months<br />
  2. 2. Large Growth OpportunitiesBut Hard to Keep Pace with the Speed of Business<br /><ul><li>Need to make faster supply chain decisions
  3. 3. Spreadsheets and legacy systems overextended, hard to anticipate the market volatility with profit and cash flow in mind</li></li></ul><li>Case Study<br />Private Company<br />“Spreadsheet gets the job done but they don’t tell us where problems in our supply chain reside. For example, these issues could include an out-of-stock situation due to promotional demand or obsolescence due to overproduction. With JDA solutions, we gain full visibility ahead of those events. We are also able to service our customers better and lower our operational costs.”<br />MangeshLoharkar, head of IT, Parle Products<br />
  4. 4. Foundation for GrowthPlan and Anticipate Ahead of Demand<br />JDA Supply Chain Now<br />Purchasing<br />Production<br />Inventory<br />Demand<br />Distribution<br /><ul><li>Proven supply chain planning solution used by market-leading companies
  5. 5. Best practice implementation methodology for midsize companies
  6. 6. Lower implementation risk – JDA hosts, runs and maintains the solutions
  7. 7. Fixed cost of ownership, not an estimate
  8. 8. Live and referencable midsize companies</li></li></ul><li>JDA Supply Chain NowPlan and Anticipate Ahead of Demand<br /><ul><li>Automate forecasting and planning processes
  9. 9. Balance supply and demand while driving down costs
  10. 10. Can quickly generate a new plan to keep pace with market changes</li></li></ul><li>User-Interface<br /><ul><li>Web-UI
  11. 11. Zero Deployment
  12. 12. Planning Workbench</li></ul>In-House Applications<br /><ul><li>Business Rules
  13. 13. Inventory Policies
  14. 14. Sourcing Preferences
  15. 15. Capacity Management</li></ul>Data Management<br />Master Data<br />Transaction Data<br />Supply Chain Now<br />Planning<br /><ul><li>Demand Forecasting
  16. 16. New Product Planning
  17. 17. Distribution & Inventory Planning
  18. 18. Production / Purchase Planning</li></ul>JDA Supply Chain NowSolution Overview<br />Firm Orders<br />Workflow<br /><ul><li>Exception-driven
  19. 19. Planning Workbench
  20. 20. Performance Monitoring</li></ul> e.g. Forecast Performance<br />
  21. 21. Demand Planning<br />Performance<br />Monitoring<br />Historical Event<br />Impact to future demand<br />Historical market events<br />
  22. 22. Supply Planning<br />Plan Ahead of Demand<br />Plan across Products and Locations<br />
  23. 23. Boosts new product offerings andcustomer service levels<br /><ul><li>CCBCC supports 11 states in US with a total of 54 DCs spread across these states.
  24. 24. Sales to other bottlers has shown growth of over 30 % annually.
  25. 25. Annual sales of over $1.4 billion.
  26. 26. Number of items quadrupled in the past 4 years</li></ul>“JDA provided clear financial and operating results while improving our capability and capacity. <br />- Brett Frankenberg,<br />vice president of supply chain planning, CCBCC<br /><ul><li>Consensus demand plan between sales and supply chain
  27. 27. Extended demand visibility to item-package and store-clusters
  28. 28. Weekly forecasting and daily replenishment cycle with extended visibility to 12+ months</li></ul>Quantifiable Benefits<br /><ul><li>85% forecast accuracy at dynamic package level
  29. 29. 99.7% fill rate
  30. 30. 23-25 inventory turns per year
  31. 31. 150 new SKUs annually</li></li></ul><li>Act Now with JDA Supply Chain Now<br /><ul><li>Five months implementation
  32. 32. Low-risk delivery
  33. 33. Hosted, managed services solution</li></li></ul><li>JDA Supply Chain Now<br />“JDA exceeded our expectations, ensuring that we went live on time and on budget. There wasn’t any business interruption and we have not experienced any down time since day one”<br />- Joe Manco,<br />director, IT business applications,<br />Sun Products<br /><ul><li>Foundation for Growth. Plan and anticipate ahead of demand.
  34. 34. Clear and Proven ROI. Reduce costs and improve cash flow.
  35. 35. Fast Time to Benefit. Guided implementation and best practices.
  36. 36. Ensure Success, Reduce Risk. Run and managed by JDA.
  37. 37. Adapt with Growth. Expand capabilities as your business grows.</li></li></ul><li>Investing in Growth<br /><br />