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  • Education is the most important and widely recognized success factor because user understanding and buy-in are essential. This requires a critical amount of knowledge to be shared from executives to the end users before the implementation begins, during the implementation, and post implementation assessments.
  • Product and Process TrainingWhen building content, we look at our solutions and functionality while tapping into industry research for best practices. Our content covers the systems and tools while teaching the users how to use their solution optimally. There are several types of training available to our customers that span the life of the implementation cycle and go beyond to continue associates education.Business User CertificationWe offer Certificates of Completion and Role Based Certification. Our role based educational offerings maximize skills to improve productivity and profitability. JDA Certification progresses the students through a standard methodology that moves them through from essential and foundational knowledge to a more strategic and broad-based understanding of the businessStudents start with knowledge and understanding of how the system functionality works and key tasks required to complete job responsibilitiesBuilding upon that is the application and analysis of existing information and business opportunities to become the next stage of learningThe final, and most advanced stage of learning comes through the strategic, evaluation of impacts to the business and provides the foundation that can be the springboard to leading a team or organizationThe value of this methodology is to provide a consistent, valid, measurable roadmapCourseware and Customization ServicesCustomers can purchase our JDALearn training materials. This courseware can be used as a starting point for customer’s to create their own customized training material or our JDA Education Services experts can customize the training materials. Our base training includes successful practices and business process, but customer’s may have education objectives that fall outside those standard practices and processes. JDA can collaborate with our customers to develop content and incorporate custom objectives into the standard training. This gives our customers a training program that completely aligns with their organization’s distinctive processes and unique business requirements.Many JDA customers have found our customization services to be the most cost-effective way to create their process-based solution training. Since our customers own the courseware, they control the return on investment. The materials can be repurposed for go-live, new hire, and refresher training and can be distributed throughout the organization as appropriate.User Adoption ServicesConsists of services that prepares teams for training or reengages them in education to accomplish corporate goals. In order for an implementation to be successful, people have to believe in the processes, tools, and their own abilities.We can provide goal and role profiles to assess what users know and what they need to know to improve abilities to see profound business changes.We can work with customers on education planning to provide a holistic enterprise view of the training plan. This ensures that a strategic approach is taken throughout the entire education process.We can do performance measurements to assess how the system is being used and suggest areas for improvement. We can provide ongoing user assessments to determine areas that need improvement and work with the customers to create a training plan that address those areas.
  • The JDA Enterprise Methodology (JEM) is a a uniform, best-practice method to implement all JDA software projects. The method, used globally by all JDA Services Associates, consists of 6 implementation phases followed by one post go-live phase. Education Services offers end-to-end training that corresponds to implementation milestones. This includes solution overview, project team, user acceptance, and customized business user training with courseware for on-going training needs. This comprehensive end-to-end education plan results in valuable contributors throughout the project life cycle.Training is a critical element to the implementation budget. You need to make sure that users are properly trained and they do not begin to work outside of the system.
  • Introduction to JDA Software Education Services

    1. 1. JDA Education Services
    2. 2. Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL • Training and certification programs that expand your human capital, enhance your processes, and boost performance across your organization JDA Education Services
    3. 3. Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL Did you know? The Power of Education 3 • Organizations with a strong learning culture: – 34% more likely to get to market before their competitors – 46% more likely to be strong innovators in their markets – 58% more likely to be successful at developing the skills needed for meeting future customer demand Bersin & Associates, High Impact Learning Cultures: The 40 Best Practices for Creating an Empowered Enterprise
    4. 4. Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL Consider This… • What is your organization’s learning culture? • Are you more prepared than your competition? • Will you be an innovator in your space? • Is your team prepared to meet future customer demand? The Power of Education 4
    5. 5. Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL Did you know? Common Challenges 5 “Most companies have significant gaps in their workforces and business leaders realize they cannot hire their way out of a problem. Instead they must develop their existing talent.” – Bersin & Associates “Companies that fail to invest in employees jeopardize their own success and even survival…until recently, there were simply not robust methods for measuring bottom- line contributions of investments in human capital management…that’s changed.” -Bassi & McMurrer
    6. 6. Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL Who is JDA Education Services? About JDA Education Services 6 JDA SERVICES: An expert team of professionals, with an average tenure of 8 years, who apply their knowledge of specific industries, supply chain processes and tools, and best practices to maximize customers’ investments in JDA solutions. JDA EDUCATION SERVICES: A global training team of supply chain experts, with an average tenure of over 14 years, who apply their wealth of technology resources to deliver training in the most efficient, flexible, and cost-effective manner for your organization.
    7. 7. Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL Why JDA Education Services? About JDA Education Services 7 JDA EDUCATION ARCHITECTS: Possess industry, product, and technology experience to deliver an optimal education experience JDA EDUCATION SERVICES: Is the world’s only education provider dedicated solely to JDA customer success JDA EDUCATION MATERIALS: Are designed and developed around proven industry accepted learning and business practices
    8. 8. JDA Education Services Offerings
    9. 9. Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL Core Offering • End to End Product / Process Training Additional Offerings • Courseware • Courseware Customization • Certification • Train the trainer • Virtual / Mobile Training Center • Assessments • Education Architect / Program Manager • Training on Demand • JDA Minutes JDA Education Services Offerings Core and Additional Offerings
    10. 10. Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL Core Offering: End to End Training JDA Education Services Offerings Solution Overview Project Team Education User Acceptance Education Business End User Education Ongoing Education Type Functional Overview Functional Technical Functional Role-based Assessments, Refresher, and Upgrade Definition Provides project launch teams with an understanding of the application, relevant business rules and measures, and industry best practices. The functional and technical foundation of the solution that empowers the project team participants to make educated decisions about the future business processes with the system. Enables Beta users to test the system and processes to ensure optimal solution delivery using the client’s test scripts. End users are educated on the software, as well as their defined business processes. Emphasize using the system features in an environment that mimics their real-life examples. A prescriptive approach to long term sustainable education programs to support ongoing business objectives, goals, and metrics. Utilization of knowledge assessments to identify gaps. Value Statement When training occurs prior to design sessions, the sessions are twice as productive when team members understand business goals and successful application design. Allows the project team to identify opportunities and minimizes project risks. Provides the knowledge for defining the project scope and the roadmap Empowers beta users to test the validity of the system with the proposed business processes. Frees up Project Team resources (from training) to continue with other project tasks protecting the project time line. Ensures the successful launch of new processes and applications. Provides users with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in their business and achieve greater ROI and stronger adoption. Lower attrition rates Lower cost for New Hires Reduced risk to business due to lack of skills Faster time to market Greater client retention Consistent and repeatable training Audience Product Launch, Change Management Teams & Key Stakeholders Initial Implementation Team User Acceptance Test Team Business End Users Business End Users and New Hires Deliverable E Learning Instructor Lead Training Instructor Lead Training Multiple Formats Multiple Formats
    11. 11. Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL JDA Minutes 11 JDA Minutes A cloud-based video training program from JDA Education Services that is always available on your computer, tablet or Smartphone. JDA Education Services Offerings
    12. 12. Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL Supply Chain Training Portal 12 Online classes E-learning Content Scheduling Registration Features Industry-recognized Certification
    13. 13. Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL End-to-End Training JDA Training Methodology Construct Validate Transition & EvolvePrepare & Design Deploy Project Team Education User Acceptance Education Business End-User Education Ongoing Education END-TO-END TRAINING IMPLEMENTATION/UPGRADE PHASES Solution Overview Design & Construct Validate Transition & Evolve Prepare Deploy
    14. 14. Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL Face-to-Face Virtual & Mobile Self-Paced Assessments Hands-on Exercises Certification Blended Learning Format Validation Industry Research Optimal System Use Instructional Analysis Content Blended Learning Approach JDA Training Methodology
    15. 15. Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL 15 “Training is a journey and a key factor in building an effective team. We are extremely pleased with JDA Education Services and the customized transportation training. JDA understood what we needed and helped us out along the way. We’ve not only benefited from a more knowledgeable staff, but we’ve also strengthened our customer relationships.” - Shrinivas Sale, Business Support Manager, Ground Transportation Operations Center – Americas, Caterpillar Logistics, Inc. What Our Customers Say Caterpillar Logistics, Inc.
    16. 16. Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL 16 “We'd never even really had the kind of training that we have today. And the person that worked with us understood what we needed, delivered a great tool that we'll be able to use.” - Anita Cazin, Director of Logistics Operations, Charlotte Russe Holding, Inc. What Our Customers Say Charlotte Russe Holding, Inc.
    17. 17. Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL 17 “The training sessions provided us with a better understanding of the system architecture and functionality. We were very satisfied with the training we received from JDA” - Steffen Penschke, Director Global Materials, TE Connectivity What Our Customers Say TE Connectivity
    18. 18. Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL The Statistics… If you look statistically at why people quit using software product, you’d find that it’s because they don’t understand the solution well enough to make it useful Training Earns Its Keep/Eric Krell
    19. 19. Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL • Americas: 1.800.785.5063 • UK: +44 (0)1344 354610 • France: +33 (0)1 56 79 2701 • Australia: +61 (03) 9860 0100 • Singapore: +65 6305 4350 • Technical Support: 1.800.785.5063 • Visit: • Email: Contacts 19 For more information on JDA Education Services: