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Reeling in Results: Beaver Street Fisheries Dramatically Improves Warehouse Efficiency and Accuracy


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Reeling in Results: Beaver Street Fisheries Dramatically Improves Warehouse Efficiency and Accuracy

  1. 1. Case Study: Beaver Street Fisheries Business Overview • Seafood and meat supplier for food service, wholesalers, retailers, distributors and national chain accounts • Provider of one of the largest seafood offerings in the U.S. • Operates 185,000 square-foot frozen food storage facility • Imports more than 3,000 containers of seafood products from Asia annually Business Challenges Solutions • 25-year-old homegrown legacy system could no • • • • • longer support special processing requests • Sought to increase operational efficiency, accuracy and customer responsiveness in its warehouse operations Services • JDA Consulting Services • JDA Support Services Copyright 2013 JDA Software Group, Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL JDA® Inventory Visibility JDA® Track & Trace JDA ® Warehouse Management JDA ® Warehouse Labor Management JDA ® Transportation Management
  2. 2. Case Study: Beaver Street Fisheries Results • • • • • Improved inventory accuracy from 85 percent to 97 percent Reduced average picking time by 60 percent Decreased picking errors from 5 percent to less than 1 percent Reduced workforce overtime Decreased returns for custom orders WHAT CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING We have a very good working relationship with JDA. They’ve been very proactive, worked with us, helped us to define a solution and then implement it. We couldn’t have achieved results as quickly as we did without that type of partnership.” ~Scott Lane Chief Information Officer, Beaver Street Fisheries Copyright 2013 2013Software Group, Inc. - Inc. - CONFIDENTIAL Copyright JDA JDA Software Group, CONFIDENTIAL