Foreign labour [autosaved]


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Foreign labour [autosaved]

  1. 1. MEANING• Workers from another country working in our country.• Also called as migrant workers.Basically, foreign workers are known as individuals who works in Malaysiabut coming from another country.
  2. 2. CAUSES OF FOREIGN WORKERS IN MALAYSIAHiring skilled workers• Our country are lacked of professional worker. So our country imported some professional worker from another country to work at Malaysia to share their expertise with the people here.Example: The government hired professional contract workers to be employed in certainsectors such as medical, education, construction and many more.Our people a lilttle choosy about finding a job• When it comes to finding a job, Malaysian people are a bit choosy. They prefer to find a job with higher salary and less physical activities.Example: Whenever a post-graduate student finished study, they all waiting for their jobsoffer, but when they waiting, they expect a high class job that suits their standard, so the notso high class jobs are taken over by foreign workers.
  3. 3. AdvantageThey all come for a better future.• Most of the migrant worker are coming to Malaysia because they wanted to find a better job for them. In some country such as Philiphines, Thailand and Myanmar, finding a good job which pays in a reasonable value are like “finding a needle in the haystack”.Example: In Sabah, there are many foreign workers from Philiphines. They coming to Sabahto find job because our currency value is far more higher than Philiphines currency value. Sothey work here to get more money.
  4. 4. Developing the economy of country.• Because there are many foreign workers at Malaysia, the productivity of our country increase, thus increasing the economy of our country.Example: A factory can produce many product when have more workers, just like workersfrom Indonesia and Philiphines, many of these migrants workers works at wrapping foodfactory. So, the factory can get many profits because it has a large number of workers.
  5. 5. DISADVANTAGEPopulation keeps increasing, there for a high level of unemployment inMalaysia• As well as we all know, many foreign workers in Malaysia, therefore, they all covered up all the vacant jobs in Malaysia, because of that many of our people doesn’t have job.Example: There are many foreign people applying to work in our country than our own localpeople. Therefore, the vacant jobs in Malaysia are taken over by foreign workers and the localpeople are left unemployed.
  6. 6. Bring a bad culture to our sociaty• Each of people in this world has their own culture. Imagine if there are many foreign workers in our community, of course there will be multi culture in our country. Even the bad culture also spread among in our community.Example: The most significant bad culture that spread among in our community can be seenin fashion and attitude. Most of our generation are following the trend fashion of rock andthe violence type of fashion such as thorn jeans and loosen pants. Besides than that, ourpeople are judging by the following steps of bad attitude such as bad talking by usingforeign words.
  7. 7. Overpopulation• Overpopulation means that there are too many people living in a community. Based from that statement, the contributor of our over population was the foreign workers in Malaysia. They coming to Malaysia in a large numbers.Example: For starter, the numbers of foreign workers in our country are not too much, but because ofour stable economy, many migrant workers are coming to find jobs that gives them satisfying salary.
  8. 8. COMMUNITY REACTION OF FOREIGN WORKERSFeels very unpleasant• Seeing many unfamiliar faces besides than malay looking people, they feel unsafe.Unsatisfied• Their numbers keep increasing, the community worried they will make Malaysia as their own country while they was just finding living here.Crime rate increase• Several migrant workers in Malaysia commit crimes. The crime rate of our nation also increased, this will make a scratch to our reputation.
  9. 9. ESSAY TEMPLATEIntroduction Write about the causes of foreign workers coming to malaysia and tells about why we need foreign workers in our country.1st, 2nd, 3rd points• Write about the advantage or the disadvantege of foreign workers or follow what the question ask for. Give example for each of the statement you wrote to strengthen your statement.Conclusion• Write about what we or other should do based from the question and you can slip in your opinion about the main topic given in the question.