Finding IP Jobs Using the Web


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Finding IP Jobs Using the Web

  2. 2. Possible Perspectives • Summer jobs • Externships • Graduating JD • Graduating Grad Student • Alum
  3. 3. Originally Based on… Jon R. Cavicchi, Intellectual Property Research Tools and Strategies: Mining the Web for Law Related Jobs in Intellectual Property, 47 IDEA 757 (2007)
  4. 4. The phases… Who are “they”? Do they want me? Do I want them?
  5. 5. IP Jobs Still HOT Intellectual property law has remained over a decade the hottest practice group – one of the fastest-growing and most exciting fields today. Attorney surveys and other measurement tools have showed this.
  6. 6. PREDICTIONS FOR 2012 AND BEYOND [D]emand in the intellectual property arena has remained strong. “The tech area is still sort of reigning supreme right now,” “There’s a lot of intellectual property litigation—primarily patent litigation. Patent prosecution is a very hot area. Named HOT PTRACTICE AREA Issue 40:3
  7. 7. Consider a Legal Career in Health or Intellectual Property Law students specializing in healthcare or intellectual property law may see more job openings. Even before Congress passed patent reform legislation, intellectual property lawyers were a lot better situated than many of their peers. "What often happens during weak economic times is companies go back to innovating,” The work generally entails filing and licensing patents and trademarks or litigating copyright disputes. IP issues crop up frequently in the rapidly changing music and book publishing businesses, too.
  8. 8. Fewer law school grads = less competition for you! Fewer law school grads = less competition for you!
  9. 9. Judge Arthur Gajarsa: “AIA is the patent lawyer full employment Act Judge Arthur Gajarsa: “AIA is the patent lawyer full employment Act
  10. 10. IP Remains Third Top Growth Area
  11. 11. Careers in IP : Overview
  12. 12. IP Practice Groups now can include E-Commerce E-Business Internet Law/Cyber Law Information Technology Technology Contracts Internet Issues IP and Technology Communications Information Law Commercial Tech Computer Law Technology Services
  13. 13. Supply and demand - education Law Degrees Programs with IP concentrations (J.D., LL.B.) Advanced Law Degrees in IP Law (LL.M.) Non-law Degrees (Master of Intellectual Property, MSc in Management of Intellectual Property) Bachelor degree - Mechanical Engineering - Patent Law Non-degrees issued to lawyers and non-lawyers include Certificates and Diplomas by private training companies, business schools and law schools.
  14. 14. Supply & demand – IP jobs Lawyer (transactional, litigation…) Patent Agent Technical Specialist Paralegal Consultants Technology Transfer Officers Government NGOs
  15. 15. Attorney - patent prosecution attorney, trademark attorney, IP "lite" attorney, patent litigator, other IP litigator in-house law firm Transactional IP professional - corporate business development, university technology transfer licensing specialist Investigator - eg. counterfeit, Kroll, Marksmen Negotiator, mediator, arbitrator Government official - registrar of rights (patent examiner, trademark examiner, copyright registrar) -enforcement official (customs, law enforcement) - legislative (staff) - regulator NGO - advocacy (US, Geneva, other countries) Education - professors, trainers Academic IP researcher - professors, law school and university economics etc. faculty and research staff Technology research management - corporate chief researcher, nonprofit eg university tech transfer office Data manager - librarian, Thomson Reuters, WIPO/EPO/USPTO government website management Litigation support - other than investigations, data management, translations and illustration Docketing and IP administration - supervisor, designer of software (CPI, CPA, etc.) Translator (within firm, or in global translation company) Illustrator IP trader - auctioneer, broker, securitizer (ICAP Ocean Tomo, RoyaltyPharma, etc.) Human Resources department - overseeing creative staff with appropriate employment agreements etc. Accounting - Big accounting firm consulting and evaluation Finance - due diligence
  16. 16. • The practice of law firms and corporations seeking legal support services from an outside company is gaining in popularity with legal process outsourcing companies increasing their domestic presence, according to a study on market trends by Northwestern Law. • recent rise in domestic companies has created employment opportunities for new graduates • Many in the legal industry say LPOs are here to stay — part of an evolving legal model.
  17. 17. Start early to learn the employment landscape By looking at job ads early in school students can better: • understand what the market demands. • able to survey types of opportunities. • able to look at the backgrounds of those who hire. • able to identify networking opportunities that might lead to informational interviews or casual conversations that turn into hot leads. • Prepare for interviews
  18. 18. Why early thinking is good… The sad fact is that when you choose to clerk or work as an associate doing something, say litigation, you have tracked yourself to do that for the foreseeable future. If litigation is what you want to do, fine. If it does not appeal to you and you want to do transactional work, who is going to hire you without experience? You sell what you can, and that is your time. And you will start all over again at the bottom. I know. I did this twice. And I have never earned $160K in a year. TechnoLawyer, November 2007
  19. 19. Find Out If a Career as a Patent Attorney is Right for You. • FREE 10-day course
  20. 20. Recruiting Videos : on Balance in Balance
  21. 21. Law firms realize this trend… • Case Study by Consultant • Situational Analysis Today's law students are smart, sophisticated, and cynical. They are too savvy to buy the typical hollow claims of collegiality, work/life balance and pro bono work combined with high salaries and short hours. The firm had a strong message and needed to convey it persuasively. • The Solution A multi-prong strategy, combining advertising, promotional material, and innovative tools.
  22. 22. Beyond brute force of technology Social Networking Credentialing
  23. 23. Law school prestige and alumni career attainment: A study of four career paths and four strata of law schools Samuels, Marlene Bernstein, Ph.D., The University of Chicago, 2000 1. Institutional impact is short term and overstated 2. Other identifiable factors account for success 3. High academic achievement is significantly associated with success and achievement, independent of law school attended. 4. High levels of academic and professional attainment are significantly associated for those in large law firms 5. …not seen among those with government or business careers. 6. There are identifiable variables significantly associated with attainment that transcend influences of institutional prestige.
  24. 24. Mining the Web for IP Law Jobs The Hunt Begins
  25. 25. General Job Sites with IP Jobs General Legal Sites with Jobs General Legal Job Sites Professional Sites (STEM) with IP Jobs Dedicated IP Job Sites IP Sites with Jobs
  26. 26. Lawyer Directories • Comprehensive collections of IP lawyers • Ability to identify IP lawyers based on numerous criteria with links to the firm’s website that often tell of open positions • Deep mining of the activities of a firm that might lead you to narrow your search to those who really match the niche you want to fill and • Intelligence research on the firm so that you can customize your resume, cover letter and hopefully interview prep.
  27. 27. Related are lists of top firms from publishers such as IP Today and Corporate Counsel (AmLaw)
  28. 28. • Court documents, Jury Verdicts, Settlements • Litigation Tracking • Reported cases • Blogs • Patent, TM, Copyright filings
  29. 29. Patent documents Identify: • Technology landscapes and activity • Inventors • Assignees • Legal representatives
  30. 30. Mentor Programs
  31. 31. IP Job Fairs
  32. 32. Lesser know IP job fairs… Remember…IP firms participate in general job fairs…check law firm interview pages
  33. 33. Corporate Site with IP Lawyer Jobs
  34. 34. IP Law Firm Job Section Use directories and lists of top firms to collect sites to visit
  35. 35. Government Sites with IP Lawyer Jobs Google General Government Job Sites USPTO, Copyright Office…
  36. 36. Government Job Sites Office of Personnel Management
  37. 37. Official Government & NGO IP Jobs
  38. 38. 15 New Assistant Attorney Generals 15 New Assistant Attorney Generals
  39. 39. General Job Site with IP Lawyer Jobs Jobvertise
  40. 40. Some sites target $100K+ jobs like IP lawyers
  41. 41. General Pay Scale Sites Get accurate, real-time salary reports based on your job title, location, education, skills and experience.
  42. 42. Virtual Flea Markets -- -- --
  43. 43. IP Job Aggregator Sites (job reporting and job opening research service)
  44. 44. Social Networking Sites
  45. 45. LinkedIn Groups deliver jobs to your inbox LinkedIn Groups deliver jobs to your inbox
  46. 46. Five easy ways to use LinkedIn for your job search 02/05/2013 Hillary Mantis
  47. 47. Maintain a Web Presence to Help You • Lawyer and social media enthusiast David A. Barrett, advocates spreading one's name far and wide on the World Wide Web. • Open networking allows one to establish new relationships and develop existing ones. • All of these increase one's chances of being found if someone does a in your practice area. • Relationship enhancer" for existing professional relationships • "In this market, it's really not optional," said Davis. "It's like having a phone number and an address.” (2009)
  48. 48. • Job Hunting Is, and Isn’t What It Used to Be • It found that recruiters use social networking sites 23 percent more now than they did in 2006 to fill vacancies, verify résumés and screen applicants. • Even more interesting, negative information on an applicant’s profile, like “personal views or values contradictory to the hiring organization or excessive alcohol abuse,” have a greater impact on hiring decisions than positive information, the survey found. • But a word of warning, especially as sites like Facebook become more popular tools for recruiters: get anything that looks bad off your page. That photo of you drunk at a Halloween party, those musings about how much you hate your boss — not a good impression.
  49. 49. “offering attorneys and clients a better means of connecting with each other.”
  50. 50. Dedicated law student sites…
  51. 51. General Law Searching Site with IP Lawyer Jobs
  52. 52. General Lawyer Job Site LawCrossing OccupationPro EmplawyerNet Legal Employment Research GoInhouse
  53. 53. General Professional Associations with Job Site Find-A-Job (ABA) Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC)
  54. 54. IP Professional Association with Job Section
  55. 55. Peripherally relevant IP NGOs
  56. 56. IP Searching Site with Lawyer Jobs
  57. 57. IP Online Magazines with Jobs…
  58. 58. IP Law Job Blogs
  59. 59. Industry Portals / Directory Sites
  60. 60. Industry Publication Websites
  61. 61. Recruiters – ubiquitous & ever changing… National Association of Legal Search Consultants American Lawyer Media’s Recruiter Portal Firms that specialize in recruiting IP lawyers
  62. 62. Firms that specialize in recruiting IP lawyers
  63. 63. Think Global…#1 IP Recruiter in Europe
  64. 64. Iterative process…what about jobs as an IP management professional?
  65. 65. What about a job as a technology transfer professional?
  66. 66. Copyright professional?
  67. 67. Academic Jobs
  68. 68. Think you have the job…check for up to the minute changes in firms & legal departments
  69. 69. Numerous law firm ranking schemes: Don't Rely on Law Firm Rankings in Job Searches? • Whereas in your law school selection process you might have [relied on rakings] • It seems only natural, then, to simply take the rankings from various publications and organizations as the end-all statement of what firms are "best," and to use that ranking system as a wish-list for job hunting. • While this method seems to make sense, we urge young lawyers to abandon the practice. Law firm rankings, although valuable in some contexts, are too often seen as the end-all list for job seekers • But just as you searched for a college or law school based on criteria and values specific to you, it is vital that you search for firms that are equally suited to you and your goals. If those firms happen to rank highly in the eyes of legal organizations and publications, consider it the cherry on top rather than the deciding factor. • The Legal Intelligencer September 22, 2010
  70. 70. Strategies to help manage data… Clipping services Google alerts Join sites for email alerts RSS
  71. 71. Conclusion • The art/science, skill/luck, is to be in the right place at the right time… • The Web can harness technology to assist you in keeping a flow of potential jobs… • You need to be rigorously honest about your skills and education. You need to create “brand you”… • Enlist an interdisciplinary team to help you., work with your Career Services Office to empower you with advice.