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My Visual Resume


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Visual Resume for Proffessional Communication and Presentation - Online. Instructor: Chiara Ojeda

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My Visual Resume

  1. 1. Joseph Collomy Visual ResumeEarbuds -
  2. 2. I always knew, that in some way, Id beconnected to, and involved in, the musicbusiness. -Jeff HealyTurntable -
  3. 3. Born and raised in the beautiful State of Maine. Maine, Lighthouse -
  4. 4. I grew up listening to powerful performers. Amy Lee - DIO - Gene Simmons - Doro Pesch - Eric Saade - Spears - Ozzy Osbourne -
  5. 5. I began collecting any and all releases by my favorite artists.Music Collection -
  6. 6. I took an interest in Photoshop and have been self taught since 2004. Britney Spears and Doro Pesch Posters, Femme Fatales, Posters created by Joey Collomy a.k.a. JOEY Couture of The DARK.
  7. 7. In 2006, I began my journey into Internet Radio and Audio Production.The DARK Logo Design by Joey Collomy & Chris Morring. Screengrabbed July 15th, 2012
  8. 8. To date, I have created over ONE THOUSAND pieces of radio and audio production.Mixing Board -
  9. 9. Discovering the many possibilitiesof iTunes, I wanted to develop away to purchase Imports (Europe,Japan,etc.) digitally and legally. iPod -
  10. 10. I began attending Full Sail Online, January 2006, in the Music Bachelors Degree Program. Full Sail Studios Image -
  11. 11. Since starting my journey, I have learned how to express my goals and desires as an entrepreneur in the music industry.Madonna on TV -
  12. 12. I have discovered leadership by example is not something we are born with, but develop over time.Manager/Visual Psycology -
  13. 13. I have begun to develop a means of professional communication and necessary skills to resonate my message. LEGO Steve Jobs -
  14. 14. Understanding International Business Operations is essential to becoming a leader in the Music Industry.Hong Kong at Night -
  15. 15. Understanding how to communicate professionally and effectively through writing.Mac User -
  16. 16. Know your target market, research is your friend!Audience/Concert -
  17. 17. Licensing & Marketing require a wide array of permissions and ethics.The Walking Dead Original Soundtrack Images - Created by Joseph Collomy from previous assignment and class, Music Business Management. Instructed by Alex Knight.
  18. 18. My passion for graphic design and marketing has proven effective with my online station, The Dark Posters created by Joseph Collomy, aka Joey Couture of The Dark. Assistant Station Manager, DJ.
  19. 19. Assistant Station ManagerProcure a Legal Music Library ~ Provide promotional andcommercial artwork ~ Interview bands for Monthly feature, Eyes On, DJ Live every Sunday night. Posters created by Joseph Collomy, aka Joey Couture of The Dark. Assistant Station Manager, DJ.
  20. 20. Why would I be a valuable asset to your team?Old School Turntable/CD -
  21. 21. Launch new levels of quality in the MusicIndustry.Enhance the way we purchase music.Serve the team and industry professionallyand inspirationally. Recycle Vynil -
  22. 22. Together, we can introduce new methods of marketing targeted directly to the fans.Monochrome CD -
  23. 23. For More Information Please Contact Me Email: JC1985@ For more information about what I do at THE DARK please contact me here - Macbook -
  24. 24. All Images take part in the Creative Commons License of photography host, Flickr.Images are sited on each slide of this presentation. Images acquired through CompFight/Flickr.Images with regards to The Dark and it’s station were created by Joseph Collomy.Except The Dark Logo, created by Chris Morring and Joseph Collomy