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JCSI Social Media Impact on HR - Workshop Presentation


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JCSI Social Media Impact on HR - Workshop Presentation

  1. 1. The Future of Staffing is Social
  2. 2. The Future is Bright Social media has revolutionized marketing – now, it is changing the future of recruiting Never before has the talent deep in a competitor’s organization been so accessible Ads and agencies are losing effectiveness social media can attract higher quality hires at a lower cost
  3. 3. Social Media is About Relationships • Web 2.0 technologies turn websites from one- Your way communication to market conversations Company • Individuals are connecting online and openly Job Agencies sharing ideas, experiences and opinions with Ads millions of others • Companies can bypass ads to reach candidates directly
  4. 4. Social Media Landscape Publish Virtual Share Worlds Connected Livecast Discuss Recruiting Micro Lifestream Blogs Social Network
  5. 5. Importance of Social Media • Social networking has become more Facebook Has the Highest Reach popular than email and the Largest Growth Rate • Time spent growing 3 times faster than overall rate of Internet growth • Audience is becoming older and globally diverse Source: Nielsen In 2009, the number of Facebook • Users are 3 times more likely to trust a members age 35+ has doubled peer over advertising when making a purchase decision Biggest age group on Facebook is now 35 to 44 Source: Jupiter Research
  6. 6. Impact on HR & Staffing • Talented are demonstrating expertise on blogs, forums, review sites all across the web • Influential are connecting and sharing with other influencers • Openly discussing company cultures, salaries, interviews and working conditions • Candidates are finding others online to discuss career decisions – importance of your employment brand • People expect to be able to engage with companies in social communities
  7. 7. How it is Used Identify Talent Quality Candidates Connect in their Faster Time to Fill Environment Lower Cost Per Hire Build Community Improve Your Employment Brand Cultivate Relationships
  8. 8. Influence Throughout the Process
  9. 9. Influence Throughout the Process “A” Level Candidates Currently CULTIVATION Working for Competitors
  10. 10. Requires a New Approach Companies need a mind-set shift from 'telling and selling' to building relationships “ It's about bringing a relationship mind-set to everything we do. “ Marketers need to forge bonds with consumers by opening two- way dialogues. Marketers can no longer control the relationship P&G CMO James Stengel
  11. 11. The Next Generation of Recruiting • Proactive outreach to participate in communities to build relationships as part of a long-term employment strategy 1. Develop strong understanding of the audience and where they live online 2. Join communities where relevant conversations are occurring 3. Identify talent based on demonstrated expertise 4. Connect with them by following/friending, etc 5. Build credibility by contributing to the discussion 6. Offer value by sharing relevant content/resources 7. Gain referrals through personal networks 8. Help shape your employment brand
  12. 12. Applying PR for HR Forrester’s Report on the Future of Marketing and PR Communications Brands Consumer Firm “Deep understanding of consumer communities, helping brands create and nurture connections, deliver targeted, on-demand messages, and network for talent and insights.” Messages Campaigns Push Connections Conversations Pull Source: Forrester Research
  13. 13. 3 Stages of Social Media Recruiting Listening Engaging Sharing
  14. 14. Listening • Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood – Find the communities, blogs and discussion forums that attract your targeted candidates – Apply monitoring tools to pick-up relevant brand mentions – Participate in the conversation to understand the discussions, topics, personalities and tone – Identify the individuals that demonstrate expertise and influence
  15. 15. Engaging • Advocate Don’t Advertise – Comment on their contributions so the pitch isn’t the first time they’ve heard of you – Read several posts to understand the individual’s personality and areas of expertise – Make every communication personalized and relevant – Post links to jobs and content in a way that is relevant to the discussion and adds value to the community – Invite feedback, comments and referrals and make it easy for them to contact you privately
  16. 16. Sharing • The Right Message for the Right Person at the Right Time – There are many ways to develop tools and content that will attract and engage candidates Social network pages Widgets Twitter Topic communities Company videos Blogs Job posting videos Web events / Webinars Podcasts
  17. 17. Social Networks Myspace Facebook
  18. 18. Blogging / Microblogging Blog platforms Twitter Friendfeed
  19. 19. Communities & Forums LinkedIn Groups Ning Industry Sites Career Sites
  20. 20. Video and Podcasts YouTube Podcasts iTunes
  21. 21. …And Much More Widgets Live Interactive Events Mobile Slideshare
  22. 22. Measurement Outputs • This about relationship building, not Views, visits, connections, fans, direct response followers, etc • But, there are many key performance Outtakes indicators that can evaluate success Relationships developed, brand conversations, forwards, referrals Outcomes Candidates interviewed and hired
  23. 23. Recruiting Trends for 2009 1. Upgrading employment branding 2. Reinvigorating referral programs 3. Renewing the focus on quality of hire 4. Reinforcing the business case for recruiting “Nothing is hotter around the globe in 5. Utilizing social networks recruiting than employment branding.” 6. Utilizing video 7. Upgrading succession planning “Key focus areas include increasing 8. Using employee blogs for recruiting media coverage, increasing visibility 9. Revitalizing corporate jobs page online, building your “green” brand, and countering “negative” perceptions.” 10. Using a CRM model for hiring 11. Hiring innovators 12. Recruiting globally
  24. 24. JCSI Supplements Your Team Innovative staffing consulting firm that supplements your HR team to develop a pool of qualified, ready to hire candidates
  25. 25. Passive Candidate Research Comprehensive passive candidate research to identify, source and help you hire the people currently helping your competitors succeed
  26. 26. Benefits to Your Company Quality hires faster Seamless extension of your team Identify and source the top talent in your industry Ownership of all market research and sourcing insights Significant costs savings over agency fees Flexible pricing model adapts to changing business requirements
  27. 27. The Future is Bright The world of social media recruiting is an exciting place - we can take you there • Educating your team Ask us about: • Social media brand audit • Passive candidate sourcing
  28. 28. Thank You 888-JCSI-INC Brian Cavoli