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True Wealth Management


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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True Wealth Management

  1. 1. Personal Financial Experiences, LLC<br />The Pursuit of Real Wealth…Your Dreams<br />J.C. Corrigan, CFP®<br />
  2. 2. 2<br />How does a Financial Advisor add value?<br />Financial<br /><ul><li> Low cost investment vehicles
  3. 3. Realized tax and transaction savings through proven re-balancing, positioning, and liquidation strategies
  4. 4. Deductible Investment Expenses
  5. 5. They don’t underperform their market benchmark
  6. 6. They control what is controllable, with calculated confidence</li></ul>Lifestyle<br /><ul><li> They allow you to live the life you want
  7. 7. They prevent you from making un-necessary sacrifices
  8. 8. They avoid un-necessary investment risk
  9. 9. They provide you with the gift of time, today and tomorrow
  10. 10. They help you understand trade-offs and competing priorities</li></ul>They provide True Wealth Management, built around the things you care about<br />
  11. 11. The Elements of True Wealth Management<br />Cost and Tax Efficiency<br />Wealth<br />Value<br />Fraud<br />Risk<br />Positioning<br />True<br />Wealth<br />Management<br />Relationship<br />Transactional<br />Uncertainty<br />Expensive<br />Trust<br />Opportunity<br />Integrity<br />
  12. 12. Portfolio 1 has 5x higher hidden costs of trading and taxes<br />85%1<br /> 17%<br />Portfolio 1 offers 1.03% of wealth destruction every year<br />0.16%<br />1.19%2<br />Portfolio 2 delivers more diversification<br />1713<br />5,490<br />Tax Efficient Management - Rebalancing, Withdrawals, etc<br />Personal Planning for a lifetime of resolutions<br />Portfolio 2 saves 000’s of $’s over a lifetime and Comfort and Confidence in achieving life goals<br />Nifty Brochures, Luck, Cap Gain Distributions<br />Blind Resume: Which portfolio would you rather have?<br />Portfolio #1<br />Portfolio #2<br />Impact<br />4<br />Market benchmark less expenses<br />Portfolio #2 avoids underperformance risk <br />Unknown, but only 0.6% beat market benchmarks4<br />Turnover Rate<br />Expense Ratio<br />Stocks Owned<br />Value-Add<br />Performance<br />Portfolio Breakdown<br />Portfolio 2 provides simplicity<br />VTI, VEU, IEF<br />The average mutual fund<br />1 – Average turnover rate according to; 2 – Average mutual fund expense ratio according to Vanguard found on Marketwatch article; <br />3 - 4 – Swiss Financial Institute, False Discoveries in Mutual Fund Performance <br />
  13. 13. Cost to your wealth and quality of life<br />The cost of 1.51%<br />401k balance in a Balanced Portfolio (60% Equities)<br />0.28% vs. 1.79%: Impact on your life<br />42K<br />0.28%<br />1.79%<br />63<br />88K<br />58<br />18K<br />68K<br />5<br />
  14. 14. Markets are naturally uncertain and subject to mis-behavior, TRUE WEALTH MANAGEMENT controls the controllable to avoid needless risk to that wealth<br />6<br />Our Status Reports Monitor Quarterly…<br /><ul><li> Portfolio Performance
  15. 15. Progress toward Goals
  16. 16. Review of Changes</li></ul>OVER Funded<br />Your <br />Portfolio<br />UNDER Funded<br />We provide an “Early Warning System” to rationally prepare to adjust, rather than a forecast or projection or an emotional response to life events and market volatility<br />
  17. 17. Wealth goes beyond money<br />It’s the time I spend and the experiences I encounter with my wife and children today and my grandchildren tomorrow<br />It’s how I can make their lives more fulfilling<br />Experiencing that fulfillment, inevitably, comes at a cost – time, money, risk<br />I can help prioritize and balance what is important to maximize Return On Lifestyle (ROL) for those costs by transforming smart transactions and low cost investments into more time, lower risk, and/or greater experiences<br />It’s not about beating the market or chasing returns<br />It’s imagining all that life can me and realizing a lifetime of aspirations<br />As a husband and dad, I know…<br />As a financial advisor, I believe…<br />This is Wealth Management…This is the pursuit of your dreams<br />
  18. 18. The Benefits of Our Team<br />Real Wealth Management That You Value<br />Time<br />Money<br />Experiences<br />Cost Effective<br />Low costs and no hidden costs<br />Tax Efficient<br />Itemized Deduction<br />Avoid the Cost of Unnecessary Risk<br />Eliminate Likely Underperformance vs. Occasional Luck <br />Simple<br />Fewer Hassles<br />Less Effort<br />Better Decision Making and Control<br />8<br />