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Great Press Release Ideas


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We all have something to shout about that will get us in the news, there are some great ideas here for online Press Releases.

This helps with Search Engine Optimisation and also online reputation management.

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Great Press Release Ideas

  1. 1. 7 Great Ideas To Help YouWith Your Press Releases
  2. 2. Its easy to write a press releaseFollow the slides for loads of ideas you can use today!
  3. 3. AnnouncementsWhatever the announcement – shout about it!
  4. 4. Company RelatedYou’ve got a great company – let people know it!
  5. 5. Product and Service relatedYou believe in your products– tell people why!
  6. 6. Special Offers and CompetitionsIf you’re giving it away– get people involved!
  7. 7. Industry relatedYou know your industry– make yourself the expert!
  8. 8. Charity and CommunityIf you’re giving back – show people you care!
  9. 9. CelebrationsCelebrate the small things – the word will join in!
  10. 10. Anyquestions?