Mobilescape 3000 5000 Customerversion


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Mobilescape 3000 5000 Customerversion

  1. 1. Mobilescape The Mobile Payment Solution
  2. 2. Mobilescape Thermal Paper Printer High quality, high speed printer. Custom Software Create specific interface and update real-time over cell network. Swipe card, authorize and print receipt in 8-12 seconds Easy interface Intuitive icons on easy- to-use touch screen. Signature capture Mirrored on web reporting site.
  3. 3. Mobilescape Features • Touch-screen LCD with easy user interface • Wirelessly process credit cards and checks – Sprint CDMA network – Easy to update – Secure, encrypted communications – Auto batch daily • On-board printer (0-3 receipts) • Paperless receipt archival – Instantly capture signatures and store online – Online real-time transaction data • Long battery life – 2 ½ hours for full charge
  4. 4. Total Solution Benefits • Eliminates dedicated phone line • Change from key entered to swiped rates • Cash-flow improvement • Safer for merchants, no need to keep large amounts of cash on hand • One call resolution • Equipment made in the USA • Mobilescape 5000 processes credit cards and checks from the same unit Let us worry about technology so you can run your business
  5. 5. Application Types *the tip function is only available on credit card transactions Invoice Tip* Memo
  6. 6. Main Screens • This is the main Mobilescape 3000 screen. To process a credit card transaction, you can either – swipe the card through the slot, or – tap the credit card icon to start the sale • This is the main Mobilescape 5000 screen. To process a check transaction, simply tap the check icon then the conversion icon. – credit card transactions are processed exactly the same as on the Mobilescape 3000
  7. 7. Retail Sales Screens Mobilescape’s easy-to understand screens are designed to easily guide the user through the transaction.
  8. 8. Invoice Sales Screens Mobilescape’s invoice screen enables users to associate an invoice number with the individual sale.
  9. 9. NEW Sales Screens New Advanced icon found under Tools. - Modem Status will appear on main screen - Sales Confirmation screen - Skip Deposit Warning - Adjust # of Dial Attempts
  10. 10. NEW Sales Screens Skip Deposit Warning The VERFICATION ONLY screen reminds the merchant that the check must be manually deposited. The verification confirmation screen is on by default. Software v384
  11. 11. NEW Sales Screens CVV2 Support The CVV2 feature is on by default and is currently only available for merchants processing through FDR North, Paymentech Tampa and Vital. Software v384
  12. 12. NEW Sales Screens AVS Support On the Enter Street Number screen, the merchant can enter the street number or the entire street address to qualify for the mid-qual rate. The AVS option is on by default and is currently only available for merchants processing through FDR North, Paymentech Tampa and Vital. Software v384
  13. 13. Reporting At any time, executives/back-office personnel can • Retrieve reports detailing the day’s activity • Drill down to a particular transaction and retrieve an exact copy of the customer’s receipt Other features • Sort by invoice • Sort by terminal number • Sort by date • Sort by amount • Export information to Excel
  14. 14. Mobilescape Manager
  15. 15. Mobilescape Manager
  16. 16. Mobilescape Manager
  17. 17. Mobilescape Manager
  18. 18. Mobilescape Manager
  19. 19. Wireless Check Processing • Processes checks and credit cards wirelessly • Patented variable OCR technology – Optical character recognition • Check funds will be ACH’d to merchant’s account • EZCheck, GETI and Cross Check Mobilescape 5000
  20. 20. Wireless Check Processing 1. Select the check icon 2. Select the conversion icon 3. Swipe check through the reader 4. The terminal transmits the data to the check network 5. Merchant enters any prompted data • Data determined by check service (driver’s license or phone number) • Driver’s license may be swiped to capture data 6. Customer signs the screen • EZCheck & GETI - void check and return to the customer • CrossCheck - merchant keeps the check and returns it to CrossCheck 7. Customer’s account is drafted via an ACH process 8. Money is deposited into merchant’s account • Usually two business days How does it work?
  21. 21. Wireless Check Processing • Why won’t the check read? – Tear on the MICR line – Large signature – No signal present • If the check won’t read, the merchant can manually enter the check – Select the verification icon and follow the prompts – Not eligible for electronic check conversion – Must be manually deposited at the bank