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Post office summary

  1. 1. Post Office September 2013
  2. 2. Key Campaign information Environment Key Campaign Objectives Illustrate how out of home can amplify a campaign message Prove the effectiveness of outdoor at strengthening perceptions of a brand, in particular • Offering a breadth of services • Being relevant • Making an effort to improve • Credibility Show how an out of home creative can drive call to action Source: Post Office Research, Research Now, June 2013
  3. 3. The poster campaign drove top of mind brand awareness 42% 39% 37% Pre stage Q1: Thinking specifically about companies that offer travel essentials (e.g. passport, insurance and currency) which ones come to mind? First Mention Source: Post Office Research, Research Now, June 2013 Post stage Post stage poster recognisers
  4. 4. The out of home campaign also successfully drove top of mind product awareness Post Stage Pre stage Post Stage (Total) Poster recognisers Currency Exchange 86% 84% 90% Insurance 65% 65% 79% Passport 31% 38% 38% Q6A: Thinking now about Post Office specifically, which, if any, travel essentials do you think they offer? Source: Post Office Research, Research Now, June 2013
  5. 5. Extremely positive reaction to the creative with strong levels of likability 92% of Poster Recognisers liked the creative 18% of these said they liked it a lot QP14: Which of the following best describes your feelings towards this advert? Source: Post Office Research, Research Now, June 2013
  6. 6. The poster campaign was key in strengthening perceptions Pre stage Post stage Poster recognisers Post Office… 80% …offers more than one service 65% …is a brand I can rely on 71% 63% …are experts in what they do …meets my travel needs …are leaders in offering travel essentials I would turn to Post Office first for my travel essentials … is constantly making an effort to improve its services …takes the stress out of preparing for a holiday Q9: For each of the following statements we would like you to indicate to what extent you agree or disagree that it applies to the companies shown below. This can be based on your experience or what you may have heard or seen. There are no right or wrong answers; we are just after your perceptions. Source: Post Office Research, Research Now, June 2013 57% 56% 83% 70% 84% 65% …is a credible travel brand 85% 92% 68% 78% 62% 79% 59% 85% 58% 59% 73% 45% 47% 66% 45% 51% 57%
  7. 7. The out of home campaign had a direct impact on call to action Post Stage Poster Recognisers 60% 52% 47% 33% 27% 26% The advert will encourage me to The advert makes me want to find The advert has made me more consider for future travel needs out more about Post Office and likely to purchase my travel their travel offering essentials through the Post Office QP15: Thinking about this advert, to what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Poster Recognisers Only Source: Post Office Research, Research Now, June 2013
  8. 8. Summary • The out of home campaign has shifted top of mind awareness of Post Office • The creative was well liked, leading to strong levels of stand out and believability • The positive reaction to the creative amongst poster recognisers has led to increased positivity towards the brand across all metrics • The poster campaign has worked at driving call to action with recognisers more likely to consider and recommend Post Office for travel essentials
  9. 9. Want to find out more? Contact the JC Decaux research team to find out how the campaign performed across other metrics