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Social media policy workshop January 2013


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Published in: Education
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Social media policy workshop January 2013

  1. 1. JCC Social MediaPolicy Workshop January 2013
  2. 2. Research
  3. 3. Social Media Policy Values
  4. 4. Employee ConductGuidelines for JCC Use Crisis Management Understand Social Networking Rules
  5. 5. Employee Conduct
  6. 6. National Workrights Institute
  7. 7. National Labor Relations Act of 1935
  8. 8. Employees cannot post share anything on their social networks that“damages the company or any persons reputation”Costco Policy Ruled Illegal
  9. 9. 9-16% increase in employee productivity when allowed to surf webLet ‘em surf
  10. 10. What is and what is not appropriate behavioron social networks?Should employees be able to use socialmedia while at work?What are the repercussions for violatingpolicy? (Make sure everyone knows them.)Employee Conduct Questions
  11. 11. Guidelines for JCC Use
  12. 12. What are your social media values & voice? - Closely tied with your brand & missionWhat type of content do you share? - Is there anything off limits?How do you respond to positive & negativecomments? - Who, what tone, how fast?Guidelines for JCC Use Questions
  13. 13. Privacy & Permissions - Who are you posting about? Do you have proper permission to post?Who does the JCC & staff connect with? - Can staff connect with members? Who owns the account?How do you approach minors and socialmedia? - Posting pictures, friending them on Facebook.Guidelines for JCC Use Questions
  14. 14. Crisis Management
  15. 15. Is it important to be ahead of the story? - When news breaks, are you going to respond?Do you address questions as they come up,or let rumor mill swirl?Who is responsible for messaging? Who isresponsible for the dissemination?Crisis Management Questions
  16. 16. Understand Social Media Rules
  17. 17. Understand Social Media Rules
  18. 18. Understand Social Media Rules
  19. 19. Understand Social Media Rules
  20. 20. Understand Social Media Rules
  21. 21. Discuss & Share
  22. 22. Social Media Policy Resources @marketplicity