Building your fitness center online community from Club One


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Building your fitness center online community from Club One

  1. 1. Building Your Online Fitness Center Community: BestPractices to Retain & Reach New Members October 16th, 2012 Elizabeth Studebaker, Club One Senior Marketing Manager
  2. 2. Building Your Online Fitness Center CommunityKey Website FunctionalitySocial Media Best PracticesReviews & Reputation Management
  3. 3. Key Website Functionality• Simple navigation menu • Group Fitness, Aquatics, Class Schedules, Facilities/Services, Membership, Sports, Bulletin Board• Easily-accessible web inquiry form • Tie trial pass to drive leads
  4. 4. Web Basics – Inquiry Form
  5. 5. Key Website FunctionalityKeep content concise – use hyperlinksUse images to communicateAbove/below the fold contentProvide social media buttons
  6. 6. Key Website Functionality
  7. 7. Key Website Functionality – Provide Navigation Options
  8. 8. Club One’s Social Media ObjectivesBuild Connections & Aid Retention – sparkconversation to engage communities and establishrelationshipsLead Generation – provide a platform for sharingand connection; amplify our best customers
  9. 9. How Club One promotes Social Media• In-Club Marketing Pinterest Facebook• Emails Twitter• Website Yelp• Mobile App Google+• Video Zuberance Online Group YouTube Purchasing
  10. 10. In-club Monthly Posters Add a Facebook QR Code with strong call to action: “Like” us on Facebook August: 148 new fans
  11. 11. Facebook Content Strategy• Balancing content• Bi-Monthly Exclusive Promotion• Cover photo – To highlight what’s going on at your center (not your logo)
  12. 12. Sample Weekly Facebook Content Strategy Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Motivational Tuesday Promotion Post Nutrition Tip Fit Fact Weekly Post-Event Monday Quote Trainer Tip Video Post Promotion Post Friday Weekend Follow-up Ask a Question: Program or Weekend Recipe post – What’s your Event Post Event Post “Congrats weekly fitness Runners of goal? Rock n Roll”
  13. 13. Remind People to Connect with YouWebsite footer: Utilize this static space on your website to push your social profiles Facebook “Facepile” plugin displays user’s friends that have already liked your page. Let users know where theyEmails: In every email footer, we link to our can find you. different social networks.
  14. 14. Facebook TimelineTell your story - Foster connections with members and your communityProfile picture – Your logoCover photo – Rotating image
  15. 15. Facebook Timeline Snapshot Cover Photo Apps/Tabs “About”Profile Photo Facepile
  16. 16. Facebook TimelineUpload photos, information and dates to tell the story of your site’s history.
  17. 17. Familiar Faces: OFJCCFeatures Staff on Facebook
  18. 18. Facebook Cause Marketing Campaign: Over 1,000 New Fans Generated Give users a voice Make it relevant to them Help them feel good as a result of their actions Make it easily sharable Highly confidential. All rights reserved.
  19. 19. Insights: Understand the performance of your Facebook pageAnalyze the performance of your Center pageLearn which content resonates with your audienceOptimize how you publish to your audience so thatpeople will tell their friends about youExport data!
  20. 20. Facebook Page Insights
  21. 21. Learn how to optimize your postsAnalyze the success of each post: Interaction = Reach Virality (22.67%)
  22. 22. Learn about your fans
  23. 23. More Data on DemographicsCollect demographics of people you REACH andpeople TALKING about youCreate a strategy around these two groups
  24. 24. What are fans looking at? • #1 Most Viewed: Facebook WallTab Views: • #2 Most Viewed: 3-Day Guest Pass App!
  25. 25. Overall Best Practices for Social Media•Create a social media calendar•Limit jargon •“u” instead of “you,” “2day” instead of “today,” “thx” instead of “thanks”•Keep posts positive! •Respond to all posts, good & bad •Ask questions •Provide knowledge
  26. 26. Overall Best Practices for Social Media• Post photos and videos often• Relate to current events• Reward fans with access to exclusive information, offers, contests and perksAnd, most importantly…• Maintain balance! Keep your fans engaged with fresh, surprising content Highly confidential. All rights reserved.
  27. 27. Reviews
  28. 28. Search, Listings & Reputation Management Social Search: friend 90% of web traffic The Top 3 spots on recommendationscomes from organic Google get 58% of and likes garner listings clicks higher placement And it’s all FREE.
  29. 29. Reputation ManagementBe aware of all review sites with your business (Google Places,Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Yelp, Insider Pages, City Search)Monitor reviews and respond to negative reviews; shows you areengaged with usersOffer rewards for check-ins (guest passes, collateral, etc.)Make sure announcement/offer section is up to date
  30. 30. How do You Manage Your Review Sites?• What is the process for responding to any negativity (or praise)?• Who monitors the photos uploaded by users?
  31. 31. Reviewers are Important!A good review… Turned into a BAD review. Do you think this patron would return if someone addressed their poor experience?
  32. 32. Review Best PracticesFour things to keep in mind when crafting a message:1. Internet messaging is a blunt tool and sometimes good intentions come across badly2. Your reviewers are your paying customers3. Your reviewers are human beings4. Your reviewers are vocal and opinionated
  33. 33. In Summary Determine Most Wanted Responses. You may want visitors to activate a pass, sign up for a newsletter or join online. Amplify. Link to social pages, review sites and activate share widgets to enable viral offer & content sharing [ or] Answer the questions prospects & members are asking. Don’t let an inquiry go unanswered. Optimize. Ensure local listings on directories are current; keep content & offers fresh and compelling.
  34. 34. Thank You! Elizabeth StudebakerSenior Marketing Manager at Club One