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  1. 1. StakeholdersStakeholder: Restaurants The way a current restaurant runs isquickly becoming obsolete. They forcepatrons to get in line to put their name andparty size info in with a hostess and arethen made to sit around and wait untiltheir name is called and they can be seated,or even worse sometimes the restaurant iscompletely full and has to turn away a customer disgruntled and hungry. It doesn’tneed to be like this though. With the SeatMe app the customer gets a heads up onthe competition for getting a table and overall quick and pleasant dining experience.At the same time the restaurant gets a more organized and efficient way of seatingpatrons, while also being able to spread their name through advertising,recommendations, and reviews. Since the app can search for different eateriesaround the user it will also broadcast the restaurants contact information andaddress to any users in the area. In order for the restaurant to be eligible they mustdownload the software and sign-up. The software allows the restaurant to keep arunning tab of how many open tables they have available, that number is livestreamed to the app and it’s users. It also allows the establishment to acceptreservations in advance thus easing the job of the hostess all while have anorganized and maintained database that is useful and easy to use.
  2. 2. Stakeholder- Mall Almost every mall today contains a food court. Usually these places arecrowded and very disorganized. Patrons have to wait in lines, which look morelike clusters of people to wait to place their order. Many times mall shoppershave to look around for seating, which takes even more time out of their day inaddition to getting their accessories from mall outlets. Ordering food at the mallcan be changed for the better with the investment of the “SeatMe” application. With the help of the “SeatMe” application mall shoppers can look for theleast crowded restaurant in the food court. With the menu and advertisementsalready in the application shoppers can already know their order before theyarrive to the cash register. This process will help speed up the lines allowingpeople to get their food faster and more efficiently. With the “SeatMe”application mall shoppers can also find a seat available for them. By scrollingthrough the application shoppers will find any seats open and can save timesearch through the food court for a spot to sit. The ability of the “SeatMe”application to speed up restaurant lines and allow customers to find seatingfaster will only benefit the mall.
  3. 3. The benefits that this product brings, the mall can offer special rewards orbonuses to the restaurants that use it at their locations. This will create morecompetition between businesses trying to get a spot in the malls food court. Forexample: If one restaurant knows that they gain benefits from being at a certainlocation they may try to buy out another restaurants spot at the mall. The abilityof the “SeatMe” application to create this competition amongst businesses couldpossibly even benefit the economy.
  4. 4. Stakeholder- Patron Patrons eat out at restaurants every single day. So why do we not have anefficient way to organize where and when we eat our meals? For as long as we canremember, people have made reservations by going through the hassle of calling therestaurant days in advance and setting in up. They need to find a good restaurant byword of mouth, searching online, or driving around and looking for one. If theyunfortunately forgot to make a reservation in time, they are forced to go to therestaurant and stand outside until a table opens up for them. This is a veryfrustrating system for patrons, but SeatMe was created to solve all of theseproblems. Patrons can now organize their reservations on their personal app, andedit them whenever they need to. They can also quickly check walk in availability, sothey never have to wait outside of a restaurant again. Dining out has always beenstressful, but SeatMe is here to make everyone’s life easier.