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Wk 4 pp -en102

  1. 1. MLK Letter discussion Journal 2: Excerpts Tips & TricksBiography—‖Everybody’s Talkin’‖ MAJOR One: Workshop WEEK 4– MAJOR ONE Workshop
  2. 2. MLK—Letter from Birmingham Jail: Two Points: Raise tension through non- violence to highlight unjust law & The forces against usare working just as hard and creatively.
  3. 3. I find myself on the run, now more than ever before. Fearnot. I’m not an FBI’s most wanted and I don’t owe moneyto the wrong people. I simply have an addiction to running.For as long as I can remember I have been outside runningabout. From a young age I was the runner, the fast kid. Iplayed soccer for 7 years. Playing tag with theneighborhood kids was always a blast for me because I wasrarely ―it‖. When I entered high school I was recruited bymy brother for our schools cross country team and I washooked. I ran every day, whether it was practice, meets, orjust to run. If you ask any serious runner, and even somenot so serious runner, they will tell you that there issomething addicting about getting 35 miles a week. ―
  4. 4. When I look back the thing I remember as the most embarrassing was when I started working for my dad. He had started abusiness of cleaning up foreclosed homes, and he figured that I should start learning how to earn money. So, we began it all duringDecember many years ago and the first thing I can remember was how much I complained about it. The house was cold, dark, and dreary.I was put to work in a bedroom on the second floor cleaning up a closet full of junk.” ---Nice set up, to this: (next paragraph) “The entire time I was there I complained out loud about how it was stupid and pointless it was and how I wanted to go home.However, halfway through cleaning the closet I found a Pokémon card. Nowadays it would have gone in the garbage bag with the rest ofthe trash, but back then I was ecstatic. Back then Pokémon cards were a kid’s video game. At that moment I realized that in the process ofcleaning that house I might come across another good find, so I attacked the rest of that closet with greater vigor. “ ----HA!!!!
  5. 5. ―One of the world’s newest addictions Ishare with millions of people is the use ofcell phone. I cannot imagine living withoutone. Now days we have phone that dothing we never imagined they could do,and they even get better by the day. Sincethe day starts my phone wake up and goesto bed with me. I never get bore it keepsme entertain all day. When I get hungry ithelps me find a place to eat. Our lives areso attach to this device that without it wecould not perform our daily tasks. ―AND:―I am pretty sure that in the future you willbe able to smell stuff over the phone, ifthat happened I hope that people’s badbreath gets block off.‖
  6. 6. ―In a place, where the nations Warriors exude their camaraderie, the stale smell of cigarettes still lingers in the air, theonly reminder of tobacco use, since it has been vanquished by the Fourth Reich’sboot. Pictures of young men at the readywith machine guns proudly placed on the western wall. In the corner is a table setting, placed in honor of those nolonger with us or whose fate is unknown. Tales are told and troubles are drown at the V.F.W’s and American Legion hallsacross this country. Slowly, this clique is dying out. With them, dies their stories, and frankly, the freedoms these folks, sacrificed and died for. I have enjoyed every time I have been able to experience this ambiance. Even, establishing a taste for the otherwisedetestable hot dog, that is served at The V.F.W.. ―
  7. 7. “ Mis-communication is defined as a failure to communicate adequately and properly. If texting and emailing are consideredwritten communication the nation has fallen short. Visual gestures like the middle finger and other hand gestures have evenspoken loudly. Misperceptions and misinterpretations are more likely to occur in both settings. Al- though they may of not likedwhat was said and/or heard there is something to be said about seeing someones facial expression and hearing their voice whilehaving a conversation. As a matter of fact some of the greatest conversations were held at a dinner table. Families have allowedtechnology to help disconnect them. Relationships have been broken because of the failure to communicate. I often wonder ifanyone knows what a face-to-face verbal conversation is anymore. Have we lost it with the generations or did people just forgethow to communicate? There used to be a time when if a person wanted to get a message to someone they picked up the phone,wrote a letter or simply just went to that person and had a face to face, down to earth, conversation. The computer was rare atone point, mostly found only in the libraries. It was only used for education purposes not breaking up, dating or bullying. Cellphones were only used for emergency situations and the thought of texting had not even surfaced. Despite the fact thattechnology has allowed the nation to communicate or shall I say run more efficiently and get messages to a person and/or a groupin a timely manner, it has ruined the most effective communication of all, the verbal one. It’s funny how people have a lot to saythrough technology but when faced in front of another person they become mute. They hide behind social websites such asFacebook and Twitter. The English language is becoming extinct and ebonics are on the rise. Technology has not only disabledman but it has caused the miscommunication of the human species. Its time to return to the dinner table. “
  8. 8. TIPS & TRICKS Pre-Writing Exercises Cluster: add as many ideas / associations as possible. Look for acommon thread. Write a first (rough) draft as quickly as possible: get it out, errsand all. Summarize your idea; try it in 3 or less sentences…
  9. 9. TIPS & TRICKS Writer’s Block What do I write about?‖ or ―I don’t want to do this!‖ Focus on the assignment: Person(s) Who did I learn a valuable lesson from in my past? What difference do I see now I didn’tsee then? What activities did I engage in? What did I learn from the activity (about myself, and my interests/abilities)?
  10. 10. ROUGH DRAFT REVISION:Find a partner, get out your rough draft, and read it outloud. The other person makes a ―reverse outline‖ of thedraft, and then shares it with the reader.REVERSE OUTLINE: A single sentence summary of eachparagraph, along with at least two (2) main points.After sharing this outline, begin to use the ―paramedicmethod‖, a sentence by sentence editing method thatremoves extra words, run on, or fragmentary sentences.AFTER THIS: The second person reads their rough draft,and the pair begins the above process again.
  11. 11. Good luck on your final draft!