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En 102 wk one pp


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En 102 wk one pp

  1. 1. EN 102 SECTION 5593 WELCOME!! TUESDAYS –JAN 15 – APRIL 29—2013 6:15—9:15 PM
  2. 2. EN 102—5593 Composition * Agenda: Syllabus * Expectations: Out of class Work * Expectations: In class Work * In class behavior * Class room exercise* Class Two: Assignment and Readings
  3. 3. Details: EN 102 * Email: * * 616-459-4103 * Expect a 24 hour turnaround in Non-Emergency situations * Leave your name, number, and the nature of your question* Writing: 70% of total grade / 4 MAJORS * Journals: 8 total : 500 points
  4. 4. Syllabus Details * Participation: 20% Discussion Board * Group / Self-Assessment: 10% * 715 total points overall: 215 + 500* 195 total (15 points X 13 weeks of Discussion Board) * 20 points for Assessment * Check Syllabus for “Participation Rubric”
  5. 5. Syllabus Details* Outcomes: Active engagement w/ writing* Active reading: analyze, evaluate, appreciate * Formal Writing: MLA formatting and depth of research * 5 pages for each MAJOR (= 1,250 words) * 625 for each Journal (2 ½ pages) * TOTAL 10,000 words (40 pages)
  6. 6. Syllabus Details * Course Policies: Academic Integrity * Assignments: Turned in on Blackboard * Due by deadlines: 10% after the first full week: * (No makeups)* Attendance: No “excused”/ “unexcused” absences * GRCC Student Handbook available at: * www.
  7. 7. Out Of Class Work* How do you work best? At what time of the day are you less distracted?* Set realistic goals: 2-4 hour stretches are better than one 7-9 hour episode. Expect 5 hours worth of work.* Get in the mood: use headphones to filter out noise. What environment suits good work?* Have a snack during a break: take a 20 minute walk, stretch out, make a phone call.* Try to stick to days / blocks of time that work best.
  8. 8. In Class Work * Groups / Peer to Peer * Time in class for: Research,* Writing, Reading, and Discussion * In Class Exercises * Revision
  9. 9. In Class Behavior * Laptops WELCOME! * Cellphones/Texting are NOT! * Use of Laptops for exercises, writing, research* Limits: During discussion or Group, Laptops should be closed, and off. * If it becomes apparent there is a distraction from class, you may be asked to not bring your computer to class.
  10. 10. Group Exercise* Come up and grab one card of any color:find thethree other people who have the same color and get into that group.* NEXT: Ask one member of your group the following questions: * Name, age, field of study * Where do you see yourself in 5 years?* Who is a hero to you , and why? Name 5 attributes as to why this person is a hero.
  11. 11. In Class Reading Come up and Grab one copy (1) of the story ―How Men and Women Got Together‖  Analyze the story: who are the main characters?  What is the tone of the story? What misunderstanding does each character have about the other?  What happens to resolve the conflict?
  12. 12. Journal 1 Assignment DUE: January 23, (EOD) /10 points Word Count: 625 Microsoft Word (.doc, .rtf,) 12 pt. DBL SpaceFor Journal 1, I want you to interview someone close to you: a parent, a teacher, a grandparent. I want you to detail thelocation, the context, and the physical appearance of the person you choose. Use sensory details. Find answers to the following questions. 1.) Who was a personal hero to you? Who did you admire, respect? 2.) What did you want to do (dream job) when you grew up? 3.) What were the best surprises you had in your life? What were the toughest? 4.) What is the next big goal you hope to accomplish?Read “Sex, Lies, and Conversation” by Deborah Tannen, page613—616, and “How to Say Nothing In 500 Words” by PaulRoberts; for Tannen, do “Writing Strategies” 1,2,4, and“Exploring Ideas” 1. For Roberts, “Writing Strategies” 2,4,6,and “Exploring Ideas” 2,4.
  13. 13. MAJOR ONE DUE: February 6, 2013 (EOD) / 100 pts.Word count: 1,250 Microsoft Word, 12 pt., DBL space Whether it is an autobiography, or a biography, find a herowho inspires or confounds you, or just someone you don’t knowmuch about. Make sure this person is well documented--- wewill need three (3) sources: one book, two online (or othermedia). Explore these questions: 1) What are the traits that make this person who they are? What helped them accomplish (or not accomplish) their goals? 2) What was the “eureka” moment, when they chose the path they did? What was the event? 3) Who were they inspired by? Who were their heroes? 4) What contribution did they leave to their world? Is this a gift that will continue into the future (immediate, or more lasting)?
  14. 14. SEE YOU NEXT WEEK: Week 2
  15. 15. Love the look on this kid’s face:―omygodomygodi’mgonnadie!!!!!!!!!!!‖
  16. 16. Always try to leave here thinking.