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Class Nine --NonFiction Unit

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Class nine

  1. 1. CLASS NINE Non-Fiction Elements: REVIEWDavid Sedaris’ “Santa-land Diaries (Pt 4)” And “Jesus Shaves” AND Non-Fiction Assignment—MAJOR Discussion Board Read Chapter 4 & 5 + Journals
  2. 2. Elements of Non-FictionElements of Non-fiction: REVIEW1. Based on fact(s)2. Written Objectively3. Characters can be living or dead4. Can Contain Subjective Writing / Material5. Incredible range of Subjects• Biography , auto-biography• History: Wars, Commerce, People, Civilizations• Politics: Events, Ideals, Pragmatism, Economics• Travel• Agriculture• Economy• Arts & Entertainment
  3. 3. Non-Fiction Assignment Here is a sampling of some ideas (again, based on essays from our text). Generational: Parent-child / Grandparent- child, Individuals within a family, Family problems, Joys of family Gender: Male / female roles, Dating, The nature of love, Violence against women Cultures: New world, old ways, Surviving in a majority culture, stereotyping and discrimination Perceptions: Straddling two worlds, stereotyping and discrimination, resisting negative self-image, resisting status quo Perspectives: Internet use and abuse, Consumer society, matching / clashing views, individualism v conformity
  4. 4. David Sedaris -- “Santaland Diaries” (pt. 4)This is an excerpt from NPR’s “This American Life” ; David was hired to be an Elf atMacy’s, and he describes the working conditions, people, and general milieu of whatthe job was like.Answer the following questions:As “Crumpet” the Elf, Sedaris encounters frustrated parents…. What do they tell“Crumpet” they are going to do to him?A woman tells “Crumpet” to “tell my son that Santa will put coal in his stocking if hedoesn’t behave.” “Crumpet” says that Santa doesn’t do coal anymore… instead.. ?“Santa” Santa is a man who “…. “ according to Sedaris. What does he make theElves do for the children? What does “Crumpet” do?The insight of the piece is:
  5. 5. David Sedaris -- “Santaland Diaries” (pt. 4)Answers: “I’ll have you fired!” to which D. replies “I’m wearing a green velvetsuit, it doesn’t get any worse, so go ahead…”“Santa is going to steal all your stuff, and leave you in the dark, with nothing.”Sing Christmas carols for the children; “Crumpet” sings “Away In A Manger”like Billie Holiday might.The insight of the piece: “It’s the parents idea of a world they cannot makework for themselves.”
  6. 6. David Sedaris -- “Jesus Shaves”This is a non-fiction essay from a humorist; using episodes out of his life, his family,his relationships, and his general waywardness, “Jesus Shaves” is a story out of acollection called “Me Talk Pretty One Day” (2000). Take note of the context of the situation: the who/what/where/when First, then the content: what is happening, being discussed? What is the barrier to communication? What is the major insight?
  7. 7. David Sedaris -- “Jesus Shaves”Bastille Day : July 14 / French class for adults / Lesson : personal pronoun“one” / Narrator’s attitude towards the national holiday / Easter Holiday / ---class – fellow students / List of fellow students in class : Italian Moroccan David S. Nanny woman Teacher Two Poles
  8. 8. David Sedaris -- “Jesus Shaves”The “plot” is: teaching a Muslim woman about Easter in the Christian tradition.What is the particular insight Sedaris gains from his classes’ failure tocommunicate the concepts of Christianity? The key word is “faith”; faith that the adults in the French class could speak fluent french in the future, and faith in the stories of the Bible (but a bell? )…
  9. 9. Non-Fiction Assignment NONFICTION Assignment—MAJOR Details: 5 page Microsoft word-processed, 6 source Non-fiction paper. Using some of the themes and topics from Between Worlds, you are to develop a paper based on a topic ranging from gender, generational, to cultural perspectives. DUE DATES: 7795 : 4/1 7766: 4/13 2012
  10. 10. Discussion Board7995--- Total Posts : 123 Total Participants: 237766--- Total Posts: 137 Total Participants: 24 7995: I will be grading the Discussion Board on Monday, March 5. 7766: I will be grading the Discussion Board on Saturday, March 17.
  11. 11. Non-Fiction AssignmentUsing Wikipedia, type a year into the “search” function:Type in either your year of birth, or at least 5 (no more than 10 years) after the year.For example: I will type in 1976, when I was about 7 years old.NEXT: Pick an event, and read the corresponding article, following any article links;Copy, and paste into a Word Document. Save as “1976– Event Name”.THEN: Do a Google search on the event: find any current, relevant articles thatDiscuss a similar event, or some consequences from the event you choose.FINALLY: Discuss the event in a 500 word document; were you aware of this eventGrowing up? Were your parents? Did the event surprise/scare/ give you insights?How did you find out about news items (newspaper, TV, word of mouth)? Whatare your thoughts about the event now, v then? DUE: Beginning of Class Ten
  12. 12. Read Chapter 4, 5 + Journals Finish reading the remaining chapters in our book, and both Journals (Chapter 4 Journal, Chapter 5 Journal, ) Will be DUE BY CLASS 14. 7955: April 21 (EOD 22) 7766: April 26 (EOD 27)Next Class I will have a check list for you to print out to make sure you are keeping on top of the assignments.
  13. 13. AT-AT Imperial Walkers circa 1900.
  14. 14. Have a good break, see you next class!! -- John