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Powerpoint Presentation for Class Eleven: Ch 8,9 Review,

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Class eleven

  1. 1. Chapter 8 Review: Paraphrasing Chapter 9 Review: Revising an Essay Topic Generation: Group ExerciseWriters on Writing: Alex Haley (1976) ; Joyce Carol Oates; John Updike; Ray Bradbury ; James Michener “All good writing is rewriting.” anonymousEN 102– NON-FICTION UNIT
  2. 2. EN 102– Non-Fiction UnitCLASS POLL: How many people have chosen atopic? (Show of hands)How many people have research done, andhave a draft of the essay?How many people don’t know where to start?
  3. 3. EN 102– Non-Fiction Unit Chapter 8 –An Informal Outline / Writing a Paragraph (p366). Outlines help organize information Paragraph: Topic sentences Page 368: Practice! (2 sentences) Page 370: More Practice!! ( 2 sentences) Good paragraphs keep your writing flowing…
  4. 4. EN 102– Non-Fiction Unit Chapter 8 – Paraphrasing (p 377) Read the excerpt “The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination” Practice the excerpt at the bottom of 377. Paraphrase and Quotation
  5. 5. EN 102– Non-Fiction Unit  Chapter 8 – Practice Combining Paraphrase and Quotation (4 sentences) on page 379 FINAL TIPS: Review prewriting; questions? Form a purpose (thesis) Forecast in the thesis to organize Paragraphs– focused? Give credit (avoid plagarism!)
  6. 6. EN 102– Non-Fiction Unit Chapter 9 – Revising an Essay (p 381) CHECKLIST: Aim ; Support; Organization Introduction, Conclusion(Sets tone, forecasts, and brings closure) Paragraphs, sentences, wording(Pacing, structure, consistency of tone) Style, mechanics(Clarity, comprehension, ease of reading)
  7. 7. EN 102– Non-Fiction UnitTransitions (p391) Key word repetition: transitions betweenparagraphs.COHERENCE = The ease of understanding ideas, the completenessof development, and the “holding together” of the entire piece.Transition terms:Time: first, second, before, then, next, meantime, meanwhile, finally,at last , eventually.. Etc.Spatial: above, below, inside, outside, across, along, in front of,behind, beyond, there, here, in the distance, etc.Contrast: In contrast, on the contrary, on the other hand, still,however, yet, but, nevertheless, despite, even so, etc.Compare: similarly, in the same wayExamples: Causes (effects): Conclusions:… (p392).
  8. 8. EN 102– Non-Fiction UnitPage 366– The outline for the essay on page 387--- read both theintroduction, and conclusion. Is it compelling? Is it cohesive? Goto p 398 –Introductions… Direct quotes Describe Intro Question Anecdote
  9. 9. EN 102– Non-Fiction UnitThese are other ways to write an introduction: I’ve added narrative as apossible way to start your essay, as well. Contradict Stat / Fact Intro Mixture Narrative
  10. 10. EN 102– Non-Fiction UnitConclusions (p 401) …”Ideally, the conclusion should fit like the lid ona box.” Good conclusions: reinforce the idea of the essay, give afeeling of completion, satisfaction, a sense of closure. Also, they maysuggest a possible future, a solution, or leave a sense of hope, orwonder.Read the conclusions listed on 401-2.What makes these conclusions effective? TIPS: Use a key word, a key image, Or answer the question posed in the introduction.
  11. 11. EN 102– Non-Fiction Unit Gather into 4 groups: designate a writer for the White board. Next: Using the strips of paper provided, write a broad topic, and fold in half: place tab in hat. Finally: Pick a strip, and wait for instructions.In five minutes time, your group must develop as many sub-topics as possible:The Group with the most topics wins 5 points.NEXT: Pick a sub-topic: prepare an outline (informal), introduction, andconclusion (one sentence a piece), and a beginning thesis: Group with bestwins 5 points.
  12. 12. EN 102– Non-Fiction UnitWriters on Writing:Alex Haley, on writing / researching “Roots”James Michener, on being a “slow starter”Joyce Carol Oates, on being a productive writerIsaac Asimov, on writing his 200th bookJohn Updike, on writing “Bech is Back”
  13. 13. EN 102– Non-Fiction UnitRead Chapter 10 for next class: Writing To Persuade (p 404)We will begin our “Hero/ Advocate” paper next week. (Detailsforthcoming…)Bring a paper copy of the Non-fiction paper for peer editing for thebeginning of Class Twelve.REMEMBER : Non-Fiction Essay DUE: 7995 -- April 1 7766-- April 13
  14. 14. EN 102– Non-Fiction Unit
  15. 15. EN 102– Non-Fiction Unit