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Class 9 - 1136


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Class 9 - 1136

  1. 1. Journal 5 MAJOR THREESpaulding Gray: Introduction
  2. 2.  DUE: November 1 (EOD) Using an essay from either chapter 9—12 in our readings, pick one essay, and do the questions “Ideas For Writing” (answer all). Write a rough draft based on the “Ideas…” section, approximately about a page. NEXT: Also, from chapter 16, read the essay “Addiction as a Relationship” by Jean Kilbourne (page 540). Answer the “Exploring Ideas” questions (all). How does the character in “Drunks” fit in with Kilbourne’s exploration of alcohol culture, and marketing? Word count: 675 Microsoft word, 12pt. DBL Spaced, save as .doc, .odt, or .rtf--- (these are the easiest for me to open).
  3. 3.  Whether it is an autobiography, or a biography, find a hero who inspires or confounds you, or just someone you don’t know much about. Make sure this person is well documented--- we will need three (3) sources: one book, two online (or other media). MLA citation. Explore these questions: 1) What are the traits that make this person who they are? What helped them accomplish (or not accomplish) their goals? 2) What was the “eureka” moment, when they chose the path they did? What was the event? 3) Who were they inspired by? Who were their heroes? 4) What contribution did they leave to their world? Is this a gift that will continue into the future (immediate, or more lasting)?
  4. 4.  Spalding Gray was an actor, a pioneering “monologist”, and a unique performer. Watch clips from “And Everything Is Going Fine” “Gray’s Anatomy” and a five minute scene from “Drunks” --- part of Journal 5.