How Much Is My Retainer?


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Sometimes people use the form on my website to just ask me questions, which is great it\'s even easier than an email, and one the questions I\'m often asked is this: How much is your retainer?

The answer is, under normal circumstances, I don\'t charge a retainer. I just don\'t feel like it\'s necessary. If you decide to hire me what I do is I send you a short professional services agreement that sets out among other things, exactly what you want me to do, what my rate will be, and how long it will take. We both sign it, and that\'s it. I think that\'s all the protection I need. The only exception to this would be the situation where I don\'t know you, we have not worked together before, and you\'re asking me to take on a project that will involve multiple thousands in billings. In that case, we might have to talk about a retainer. Otherwise, and especially if you\'re a repeat customer, I don\'t ask for a retainer.

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