How Do I Decide What To Charge?


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If you\'re new to the idea of hiring a freelance laywer, you might be wondering how freelance lawyers price their services, how they set their rates.

Different freelancers approach this in different ways, so I can\'t tell you for sure how others do it, but I do know how I go about it, and I\'ll cover that in this video. For me, the main factor, by far the most important, is this: My rate has to be much less than what you would charge the client if you did the work yourself. Not just a little less--much less. Why? Simple. I offer my services to lawyers nationwide. In most states, an attorney who hires a freelance lawyer is allowed to add a premium to the cost of hiring that freelancer--to make a profit. I want you to be able to pay me what I need, make yourself a tidy profit on every penny you pay me, and, and still charge the client less for the work than your rate. I want you to be able to say to your client, I\'m going to have Jim Burke work on this piece of your case. He\'ll do a great job, and it will cost you less than if I did the work myself.

You\'ll find my current rate published on my website, so you can go there, take a look and make an informed decision about whether to contact me. I promise you it will be way below your current rate.

How can I be so sure? Because I practiced law for 30 years, and managed a law firm for most of that time. I know what all the overhead costs are, and how much lawyers have to charge to make any kind of a living in today\'s legal market. I\'m able to offer my rate precisely because I don\'t have any of the overhead that you have. No office building, no rent or mortgage, no utilitiy costs, no office staff, no associates. In fact the only running costs I have are my legal research subscriptions and my malpractice coverage. I can keep my rate low, not cheat myself, and offer you an opportunity to save your clients some money and make a profit at the same time.

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