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Corporate presentaton ttopstart

  1. 1. CORPORATE PRESENTATION ttopstart B.V. PC Staalweg 30 3584 CK Bilthoven The Netherlands
  2. 2. Company profile ttopstart is a science and business consulting company that serves leading researchers and innovative companies in the fields of life sciences and medical technology. life sciences healthcare medical technology Vision: Life sciences, medical technology and healthcare are highly interdependent and only by integrating insights from these three sectors it is possible to create strong concepts with commercial and societal value in today’s markets.
  3. 3. Our mission is to facilitate clients with: Mission statement Financing for breakthrough research and innovation Key market insights Business development
  4. 4. The services of ttopstart are designed to leverage the potential of innovations in life sciences, medical technology and health. ttopstart offers: • Subsidy consulting services: identifying subsidy opportunities, building strong consortia, acquiring subsidies and other forms of project funding, managing EU projects; • Dissemination & exploitation services: setting up creative and strategic dissemination & exploitation plans, implementing dissemination & exploitation plans; • Corporate funding services: screening for non-dilutive funding for biopharmaceutical and biomedical companies, raising subsidies, innovation credit and other capital forms; • Strategy services: setting up biobusiness strategies, product roadmaps, business models etc; • Business development services: from early stage business plan to late stage business development activities; • Intelligence: gathering detailed (biomedical) market information. Services
  5. 5. Our strength is to complement our clients’ expertise with crucial market and business insights and to set up convincing subsidy applications, progress reports, market reports and business plans How do we do that? A team that incorporates experts in life sciences, medical technology and healthcare and knows what it takes to market innovations in these fields Extensive network of clinicians, public and private players, governments and insurers Access to up-to-date market data Unique selling point
  6. 6. Clients  Individual researchers  Hospitals  Research consortia  Biotech  Pharma
  7. 7. Model: stepwise approach Financing Intelligence Business development 1 2 3 FP7 Horizon 2020 Eurostars EuroTransBio ERC Grants Pre-Seed Grant STW valor grant ZonMw TOP WBSO / RDA Innovatiekrediet Erasmus Mundus Market analysis Market landscaping Trend identification Unmet need analysis Competitive landscaping Identifying license options Stakeholder analysis Opportunity survey KOL consultations Regulatory issues Business case development Business plan development Business model generation Financial feasibility calculations Revenue forecasting Dissemination strategy & activities Exploitation strategy & activities Project management activities Route to market sketching Sustainability planning
  8. 8. Track record in funding (mid 2013) Contributed to raising (small selection): • more than 10 preseed grants (250k each) • more than 7 Eureka projects (>1M each) • a 30M IMI project • a 24M FP7 project • a dozen of FP7 subsidies (>6M each) • various Innovatiekredieten • Multiple WBSO applications • >10M venture capital • Various STW, NWO and ZonMw grants • 10 ERC proof of concept grants (150k each) • 2 ERC Advanced Grants (2.5M) • In the race for >100M in subsidies
  9. 9. Specialised company in the life sciences, medical technology and healthcare Team with Science & Business background A strong network of SMEs in Health and Life Sciences Extensive network of key opinion leaders Rapid access to reliable scientific and market data Detailed market knowledge and business development expertise High success rate Excellent writing skills Why ttopstart?
  10. 10. Thank you