How new features of adobe dreamweaver cc help web developers


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Chances are you’ve used Adobe Dreamweaver throughout your web development career. It’s one of the main software packages for the creation of websites and applications to be used across a range of different devices.

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How new features of adobe dreamweaver cc help web developers

  1. 1. How New Features of Adobe Dreamweaver CC help Web Developers Dreamweaver allows web developers to write clean and organized code using its powerful and intuitive integrated development environment (IDE). It can also be used to create flexible mobile applications which can be used on a wide range of devices. Dreamweaver can be used easily with common and complex content management systems including Drupal and WordPress. You can also use it to develop mobile applications through its range of standard-based frameworks and services. It’s one of the most common software programmes used by developers and with each new release there are even more features and improvements. Dreamweaver CC has been described by Adobe as the new standard in web standards and this new development is packed with modern features many of which provide a visual means of controlling the properties of CSS, improving and streamlining the creation of web standard code in extra quick time. Dreamweaver CC includes many new features which we’ll look at in turn below.
  2. 2. CSS Designer Tool The CSS Designer Tool is the major update in Dreamweaver CC, it consists of several different panels and it helps give the developer visual control over all the different properties of CSS. This functionality allows us to create web standard code which is free of unnecessary elements. The sources panel shows all the CSS sources and files associated with the project. The Media Panel allows you to select the screen size, assuring your designs look right in different resolutions and therefore on different devices. The Selectors panel sets out a list of CSS classes. If the COMPUTER option in the Selectors panel is chosen you will see all the properties of the chosen object in the properties panel. It allows you to make simple modifications such as rounding corners, adding gradients, changing backgrounds and adding box shadows. It removes the need to keep switching to the code window and all changes will happen as you make them. You can also conveniently generate prefixes for different browsers to ensure your web design looks the same in all browsers.
  3. 3. Sync Settings Dreamweaver CC is a member of the larger Adobe Creative Cloud which means you can install Dreamweaver on two computers and it offers the ability to sync your preferences and definitions between the two.
  4. 4. Fluid Grid Layout Fluid Grid Layout is extremely helpful when utilizing responsive web design techniques. It allows you to create dynamic designs which adapt responsively to different screen sizes. When beginning a new project it gives you the option to choose a grid system for different purposes including desktop, mobile and tablet. Each system allows you to set widths, modify the structure and position your page regions within your grid directly into Dreamweaver. You can create separate files for different devices and then use CSS3 media queries to produce the best design for each one.
  5. 5. jQuery UI Widgets Dreamweaver CC makes it easy to insert jQuery UI widgets including Accordion, Date Picker and Progress Bar directly through the Insert panel functionality. Control over the widget parameters is available through the Property Inspector.
  6. 6. Edge Web Fonts Adobe has chosen to integrate Edge Web Font services directly into Dreamweaver CC. It gives web designers access to a huge library of free web fronts powered by Adobe Typekit. These are again available through the Property Inspector or from within the Modify menu. Vivid and creative font choices can be made to enhance your designed.
  7. 7. Conclusion The main change in Dreamweaver CC is that it’s simpler and easier to use. The interface has been designed to improve efficiency in design and the range of different menus makes changing the properties of individual objects within your design much easier. Dreamweaver CC is available to purchase through Creative Cloud.
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