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My Career Hunt

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Jack w baker

  1. 1. Jack W Baker A Five Minute Glance…
  2. 2. Thank you for taking a few moments to look over my qualifications Just so you get the picture before we go any further, I’ve done my research on Job Hunting. One of my revelations has been that there exists 5 “Power Words” that all resumes should include…. So here they are….. Who Am I… Where Am I…
  3. 3. The 5 “POWER-WORDS!!! SPEARHEADED… CREATED… INITIATED… ACCELERATED… CONSOLIDATED… So now that I have you adequately impressed……… let’s move on…..
  4. 4. my WORK HISTORY Supervisor / Sales Manager / VP of Sales
  5. 5. So let’s begin at the beginning… I spent the first 20+ years of my work life as a Delivery Driver, Dispatcher, Supervisor and Union Representative for a subsidiary of these guys…
  6. 6. In 2002 I started my own part-time business doing Loan Closings for Mortgage Companies throughout the Tri-State Area… My Banking Career
  7. 7. The Bug Bites….. By January of 2003 I resign from my Distribution Management position and go into Mortgage Sales full time
  8. 8. By October 2003 I claw my way to the position of Branch Manager at a Mortgage Brokerage and begin to formulate my plan to take over the world!!! (Or at least advance my management career in Mortgage Banking… :-) Climbing the Corporate Ladder
  9. 9. … but first I had some “learnin” to do…
  10. 10. Federal DOT Accident Review Training Advanced MS Office Certification Florida Mortgage Law (Compliance and Processing) FHA Underwriting Utah Mortgage Management Courses taken and passed for Mortgage Licensing (pre-SAFE) in the following states: NJ, NY, CT, MA, PA, CO, AZ, NV, CA, WA, OR, HI NMLS #151431 Training and Certifications
  11. 11. my PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CITY AND SUBURBAN DELIVERY SYSTEMS Inc. 09/1980 – 01/2003 Distribution/Delivery Driver / Dispatcher / Supervisor Receipt and distribution of up to seventy (70) publications throughout the tri-state area. Dispatched and developed routing to maximize productivity and delivery turn-times. Directly supervised production, routing, delivery, and receiving. Held seat on D.O.T. Accident Review Board - Safety Committee - Delivery Advisory Board. Held Two-year term as Union Chairman -contract negotiations - labor disputes and grievances.
  12. 12. Branch Manager – Residential Mortgage Lending Recruited as a Loan Officer in a Mortgage Banker/Broker Net Branch. Advanced quickly to position of Team Leader in charge of eight loan officers. Elevated to Branch Manager in October of 2003 January 2003 – August 2006
  13. 13. Sales & Operations Manager – Mortgage Banking Managed a team of 20 Loan Originators closing roughly $30mm per month. Built inside sales dept from ground up incorporating outside sales staff. Managed daily operations of Processing and Closing Departments. Developed and implemented in-house Training and Compliance program. August 2006 – January 2008
  14. 14. Vice President – National Sales Manager Retail ~ Wholesale ~ Branching Assisted set up and structure of Wholesale and Retail Mortgage Sales dept. Obtained lender licensing in various States. Manage every facet of both Retail and Wholesale Production throughout the US mainland. Heavy emphasis on recruiting, training, team building and driving sales. Assist in approval of TPO's reviewing applications, financials. Developed, authored and implemented Branch Partner program. Multi-Location management. February 2008 – November 2010
  15. 15. Vice President – Consumer Lending Division Responsible for the set-up and developed Northeast market for Outside Sales Originations in Direct Lending Division. Recruited, hired, trained and managed a competent and professional staff of originators in all facets of direct lending operations including new software and operations platforms. March 2011 – November 2011 Aurora Bank shut down it’s Consumer Lending Division on November 31 st , 2011
  16. 16. so then came the “BIG MOVE” … and the subsequent job search…
  17. 17. So How Can my extensive experience and Management background be an Asset to You and Your Company… Let’s Talk! Check me out Tweet Me Send me an Email View my Resume References and Salary History available upon request