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Staying Safe in Spring & Summer
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Spring and Summer Safety Flyer


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Spring and Summer Safety Flyer

  1. 1. Staying Safe in Spring & Summer AS THE SEASON FOR MOTORCYCLES, WATER SPORTS, AND ROAD TRIPS ARRIVES, WE MUST KEEP IN MIND THE HAZARDS AND RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH THESE ACTIVITIES.  Water Safety Resources  Potomac River Off-Limit Areas  “Lost on the Lake” Video (7 min)  Swimming Safety Poster  Boating Accident Report  Motorcycle Safety Resources  Motorcycle Course Schedules  Motorcycle Safety PSA (30 sec)  Motorcycle 101 for Leaders  Driving Safety Resources  “Distracted Dating” PSA (1 min)  Travel Risk Planning System (TRiPS)  Sports Safety Resources  Sports Injury Prevention Information  Sports Safety Videos JFHQ-NCR/USAMDW With spring here and summer quickly approaching, we are all looking forward to putting away our snow shovels and resuming our warm-weather activities. To the right are several links to resources that will serve as reminders about the need to mitigate risks that accompany off-duty recreation. As a command, we've suffered losses involving motorcycles and water sports in previous years, and we can't become complacent. The training required by the Department of Defense for motorcycle riders has been credited with helping reduce fatal accidents in recent years. This training will be available at a brand new motorcycle range at Fort Belvoir starting this spring. We must ensure our military riders take advantage of this and similar resources at military installations as required. Though water-related activities are also a welcome part of the spring and summer, they can be just as hazardous as driving or riding, especially when combined with alcohol. We must ensure our personnel are educated on the risks water can pose, regardless of one’s swimming ability. The Department of Defense typically experiences an increase in fatal accidents each spring; let's do our part to ensure that JFHQ-NCR/USAMDW experiences no such loss. For additional information and resources, please contact Mr. Graham Walker, JFHQ-NCR/USAMDW Safety Director at or 202-685-3015.